Nov. 5, 2013: First Snow of the Season North...Widespread Rain All Other Areas

Although it only impacted far northern portions of the area, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013, featured the first notable measurable snow of the season within the NWS Hastings coverage area. In general, most of Valley, Greeley and northern Sherman counties received anywhere from 1-4" of wet, slushy snow. Due to relatively warm ground temperatures, much of this snow melted on contact with paved surfaces, and thus did not cause significant travel issues.

While accumulating snow was confined to only far northern areas, nearly all of South Central Nebraska and North Central Kansas received very beneficial rainfall primarily ranging from 0.60-1.50", but with higher totals up to around 2.00" in several southeastern counties such as Fillmore, Nuckolls, Thayer, Jewell and Mitchell. Although these rainfall amounts might not have seemed overly-impressive had they occurred during the spring or summer, they actually were quite significant for the month of November considering that normal rainfall for the entire month of November is no more than 1.00-1.50" across nearly the entire local area! 

For most of the area, this precipitation event focused during the daylight hours, although it started out before sunrise in southwestern counties, and lingered into the evening for some northern/eastern areas.  *
Please refer to the tables and maps below for more details on this precipitation/snowfall event.* 

A Few of The Top Rainfall Totals
Location Rainfall (inches)
 6W Geneva (NeRAIN observer) 2.00"
Burr Oak KS (NWS observer)  1.98"
 4E Superior (NWS observer) 1.76"
Ruskin (NeRAIN observer)  1.86"
 2E Carleton (NeRAIN observer) 1.75"
Beloit KS (NWS observer)  1.65"
Clay Center (NWS observer) 1.65"
 Hebron (NWS observer) 1.59"
1ESE York (NeRAIN observer)  1.56"


Some of The Top Snowfall Totals
Location Snowfall (inches)
6W Elyria (NeRAIN observer) 4.0"
Ord (NWS observer)  3.0"
8NNE Scotia (NeRAIN observer) 3.0"
7NNE Loup City (NeRAIN observer) 2.0"
Greeley (NWS observer) 2.0"
Arcadia (NWS observer) 2.0"


The following maps depict Nov. 5, 2013, rainfall and snowfall totals across the local region. The rainfall image is based on a combination of observed data and radar estimation, while the snowfall image is based on a limited number of ground-truth observations and may not necessarily account for all snowfall reports. As a result, data from each image should be interpreted as a "general" overview, and not necessarily an "exact" depiction of rainfall/snowfall totals.

Nov. 5, 2013 - Rainfall Totals Across The Region   (Click To Enlarge)

Nov. 5, 2013 - Snowfall Totals Across The Region   (Click To Enlarge)

This page was composed by the staff at the National Weather Service in Hastings, Nebraska.

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