Volunteer Corner - Keep sending in those reports, even when it doesn't rain or snow

Thanks goes out to all our observers for another successful winter of submitting snowfall reports to us.  The reports are invaluable in confirming and validating our watches, warnings and forecasts.  We received many great snowfall pictures, and these are always welcome!

As we transition from winter to spring then summer, I'd like to highlight an important item for us regarding reporting precipitation, whether it's snowfall or rain.  When precipitation falls, you report the amount you received.  But when precipitation is not received, many times a report of zero is not provided to us.  The area we monitor is quite large, and we can't assume whether or not you received precipitation.  So even when you didn't get any rain or snow, please report zero.  Trace amounts are valid reports and are also very useful to us.


John - Data Acquisition Program Manager

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