Experimental Elevation-Based Warnings

Detailed Weather Hazards
Detailed Weather Hazards (or “Detailed Hazards”) is the general title for a new experimental program which some National Weather Service forecast offices are using to provide better decision support services (DSS) to the people within a forecast office’s area of warning and forecasting responsibility.   The ultimate goal of this program is to help people better understand the expected threat from a particular weather event.
One of the experimental projects within the “Detailed Hazards” program is known as “Elevation-Based Warnings”. Elevation-Based Warnings only involve some long duration weather events, such as Winter Storm Warnings, High Wind Warnings, and Red Flag Warnings. They do not include warnings for the shorter duration weather events, such as flash flood warnings or tornado warnings.
An example of an Elevation-Based Warning would be a winter storm warning only for elevations above the 9000 foot level within a particular mountain forecast zone. Although that forecast zone has elevations ranging from 7000 feet to 14,000 feet above sea level, our goal is to make it more obvious that the warning only applies to elevations above the 9000 foot level. A map of NWS Grand Junction’s forecast zones can be seen at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/gjt/?n=cwa
Below is an example showing the difference between a warning display graphic currently being used (conventional display graphic ) throughout the National Weather Service and the new experimental elevation-based display format.
 Detailed Hazards
The Grand Junction NWS forecast office will begin participating in the experimental Elevation-Based Warning program beginning on December 16, 2013. Warnings, watches, and advisories applicable for the experimental Elevation-Based Warnings will initially be accessible via a link titled “Detailed Hazards” from the Top News of the Day section on the Grand Junction NWS home page.

Click below for direct link to the “Detailed Hazards” already being issued in the western United States: 

Detailed Hazards

This link will be available via a thumbnail image on our website’s home page within the next month or two.
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