Emergency Alert System Test November 9th

National EAS Test - Information for the Tri-State Region
Date & Time:  November 9, 2011, at Noon MST (1 PM CST).
Purpose: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will test the legacy Emergency Alert System (EAS), not the newer Common Alerting Protocol capability (CAP). [CAP will be tested in the future.]
Length of Test:  30 seconds.
Effect on NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR):  The test will not be carried or broadcast on NWR. NWS and FEMA are working on improvements that include NWS receiving the national audio message and broadcasting it over the NWR network. During the national EAS test, NWS will demonstrate the interfaces for receiving and capturing EAN live-code and audio messages.  NWR Improvement Project (WRIP) Phase II will be installed in the NWS Telecommunications Operations Center and at NWS offices nationwide through 2012. After those improvements are complete, NWS will install updates which include capability to broadcast the EAN live code and audio from FEMA over all NWR stations.
What EAS Originator Code Is Used?: It will be Primary Entry Point (PEP).
What EAS Location Code is Used?: EAS Location Code will be Washington, DC. [Equipment manufacturers have said this will not be an issue, and no EAS unit re-programming is necessary.
What EAS Product Codes are Used?: The test will consist of the Emergency Action Notification (EAN) code followed by the audio message and finishing with the End of message (EOM) code. Emergency Action Termination (EAT) code will not be used
Whose Voice Will be in the Test?: The test will not use the President’s voice.
Useful Links:
Press Release on National EAS Test & Toolkit
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Credits: FEMA IPAWS, NWS OS51 Dissemination Services, SBE Chapter 24, Inc. web site: http://www.sbe24.org/

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