Smoke Plume from the Bonny Dam Fire as seen by Radar

Smoke Plume from the Bonny Dam Fire as seen by Radar
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Strong winds and very dry conditions have caused several days of fire weather concerns lately.  A fire near Bonny Dam has been burning for 2-3 days (as of Sunday, Feb. 26), and the smoke plume from this fire can be seen on the looped animation below.  This loop spans nearly 5 hours from 10am-3pm MST on Sunday, Feb. 26.  Winds on this day were from the northwest, and the animation shows the smoke being carried several counties downwind.


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Smoke plume from fire near Bonny Dam, as seen on Sunday, Feb. 26.

The plume can be seen more clearly using Dual-Polarization products, such as the correlation coefficient product seen below.  The radar returns from the smoke are now displayed in dark blue, denoting that the scatterers are non-meteorological.  Meteorological scatterers, like rainfall, would been seen in red using this product.


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The smoke plume from the Bonny Dam fire, as seen by the correlation coefficient product.




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