April 16-17 Snowstorm Summary

A late season snowstorm brought a band of heavy snow from central Minnesota to northern Wisconsin to western Upper Michigan on April 16-17.  The heavy snow created travel difficulties and scattered power outages.  Below is a map of the snow accumulations through 7am Thursday morning.  Please note: some additional snow fell after 7am across north-central and far northeast Wisconsin, so storm totals are slightly higher than shown on the map.


 Here are some specific amounts:

0848 AM     HEAVY SNOW       RHINELANDER             45.63N 89.41W

04/17/2014  M11.0 INCH       ONEIDA             WI   CO-OP OBSERVER


0906 AM     HEAVY SNOW       ST GERMAIN              45.91N 89.48W

04/17/2014  M14.4 INCH       VILAS              WI   CO-OP OBSERVER


0930 AM     SNOW             3 N SPREAD EAGLE        45.92N 88.13W

04/17/2014  M9.0 INCH        FLORENCE           WI   PUBLIC


0935 AM     HEAVY SNOW       3 NE WINCHESTER         46.24N 89.86W

04/17/2014  M14.0 INCH       VILAS              WI   TRAINED SPOTTER


0951 AM     HEAVY SNOW       8 N TOMAHAWK            45.58N 89.73W

04/17/2014  M12.0 INCH       ONEIDA             WI   PUBLIC


0956 AM     HEAVY SNOW       EAGLE RIVER             45.91N 89.25W

04/17/2014  M13.5 INCH       VILAS              WI   CO-OP OBSERVER


1014 AM     HEAVY SNOW       2 N LAC DU FLAMBEAU     45.99N 89.88W

04/17/2014  M19.0 INCH       VILAS              WI   PUBLIC


1025 AM     HEAVY SNOW       CONOVER                 46.04N 89.25W

04/17/2014  M16.0 INCH       VILAS              WI   PUBLIC


1036 AM     HEAVY SNOW       ALVIN                   46.01N 88.81W

04/17/2014  M14.0 INCH       FOREST             WI   PUBLIC


1036 AM     SNOW             WAUSAU                  44.96N 89.63W

04/17/2014  M2.5 INCH        MARATHON           WI   BROADCAST MEDIA



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