Green Bay Snowfall Review Confirms Top Snowiest Winters

The Climate Program Leader at the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Green Bay conducted a thorough review of snowfall data for the seasons of 1886-87 to 1890-91 to ensure the veracity of the data.

There was a surprising amount of information available to compare Green Bay observations with surrounding communities during the period.  The NWS obtained a large amount of data through the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the NWS Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, the publication Monthly Weather Review, and the U.S. Army Corps/Weather Bureau reports from 1861 to 1942.

Locally, data were gathered through local newspapers, the Cofrin Library at the UW-Green Bay, and the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay.

Daily data were obtained from surrounding sites for each day it snowed at Green Bay during the five seasons in question.  Along with the daily data, a comparison of monthly snowfall totals was made for each month in question to surrounding sites.

Much of the Green Bay data that was researched was properly documented.  However, due to a data entry error in March 1888, the 1887-88 seasonal total was revised from 125.2 inches to 147.7 inches.  The original Green Bay weather records along with exhaustive research of newspaper accounts and archived data from other observation sites support the revised seasonal total for the winter of 1887-88 and the other four winters in question.

Here's the list of the snowiest winters in Green Bay:

   Rank       Snow (inches)       Season
    1.        147.7               1887-88
    2.        103.6               1889-90
    3.         87.4               2007-08
    4.         82.7               1886-87
    5.         80.1               1922-23
    6.         77.5               1995-96
    7.         77.0               1888-89, 1996-97
    9.         72.2               1893-94
   10.         71.6               1978-79
   11.         70.7               1984-85
   12.         70.6               1971-72
   13.         70.4               1909-10
   14.         69.7               1892-93
   15.         68.0               1977-78


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