Wisconsin is Looking for Volunteer Snow and Weather Observers!

 Summer is coming, and we need YOUR help:


Rain and snowfall amounts can vary widely from location to location. We have all experienced days where your house is dry, but your neighbor across the street has an afternoon downpour! And ever notice how much snowfall amounts vary from even one side of town to the other? Weather is always changing and can be wildly variable, and we need YOUR help to try and fill in these gaps!

While the National Weather Service has specialized equipment in the field to report rain and snow totals, they are sometimes too far apart to detect localized situations. That is why precipitation observers are needed across Wisconsin. We are looking for volunteer observers for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network, also known as CoCoRaHS. You don’t need to be a scientist to join; anyone with an interest in weather can become a CoCoRaHS observer! All you need is an 8 inch rain gauge and to complete some simple online training. If you would like to volunteer, please follow the links below for more information on the program, training, necessary equipment, and how to join. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, and remember: every drop counts!


In addition to CoCoRaHS reporters
, we are also looking for precipitation-type observers. No training or equipment is necessary. All you need to do is simply look out the window and report what kind of precipitation is falling in your backyard. Submit a precipitation report on your local computer, or download the app for your mobile phone so you can report anytime and anywhere! While radars can detect what type of precipitation is occurring IN the clouds, we need your help so we know what is happening ON the ground. By submitting a precipitation-type report, you will alert local meteorologists to the ongoing situation so we can give you the most up to date and accurate forecast as possible. For more information on the Precipitation Identification Near the Ground project (or PING), please click on the banner below:



Precipitation reports from the public


 The National Weather Service and your local community thank you for your input and please know that every report is a valuable one!

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