NWS Green Bay Using New Radiosondes Beginning this Week

The National Weather Service office in Green Bay will start using a new radiosonde beginning with the evening weather balloon release on October 29. The radiosonde, which is the instrument package that is attached to a weather balloon, collects wind, temperature, humidity, and air pressure as it ascends through the atmosphere to a height of nearly 100,000 feet. The radiosondes are released from about 70 stations in the continental U.S. twice a day.

The new radiosonde is the Lockheed Martin Sippican LMS-6, which replaces the Lockheed Martin Mark IIA radiosondes which have been in use since 2008. The LMS-6 radiosonde is lighter than the Mark IIA instrument and uses a dry-cell battery. It also provides improved accuracy in relative humidity measurements. Users of upper air data will notice no changes in how data are received.

The picture at right is the new LMS-6 radiosonde. Click the image for a larger view.

For more information about the NWS Green Bay upper air program, including photos of a weather balloon release, click here.

New radiosonde.


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