Long Term Snow Cover

Long Term Snow Cover This Winter
Wayne Hoepner


The Winter of 2013/2014 saw many low temperature and high snow fall records. This has resulted in many consecutive days of snow cover across the area. The official snow depth in Lansing was at 1 inch on Sunday evening the 23rd of March and has been at or above 1 inch since the 9th of December. This is 105 days in a row and the longest streak in the climate record for Lansing, which extends back to 1863. With the cold air over the region and 1 to 2 inches of snow forecast Monday night into Tuesday, this inch of snow may increase again. However, warm weather and rain expected for Thursday into the weekend should end this streak. The next largest streak in the climate record for Lansing was 101 days from 12/06/1962 to 03/16/1963.

In Grand Rapids, the snow depth fell to a trace Sunday evening of March 23rd. This ends the streak at 105 days. This is tied for the 3rd longest time period with at least an inch of snow cover since records began in 1896. The previous occurrence
was in the Winter of 1962/1963. The longest time with snow cover in Grand Rapids was 117 days from 11/28/1903 through 03/23/1904.

Muskegon had a snow depth of 5 inches on March 23rd and a streak of 107 consecutive days which stands in 4th place since records began in 1896. With the cold weather and snow expected through Wednesday night, the total at Muskegon should move into 2nd place with 111 days. The longest period with at least an inch of snow cover for Muskegon is 118 days in a row from 12/02/1903 through 03/28/1904.

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