Recreational Beach Forecast

Recreational Beach Forecast Available

The National Weather Service Office in Grand Rapids Michigan began issuing Recreational
Beach Forecasts May 18th. It is a seasonal product, and is issued twice daily
through September. The Recreational Beach Forecast includes Rip Current Risk, Wave Heights,
Sky/Weather Conditions, Temperatures, Winds and the Ultraviolet Index. The Forecast will be
valid for all Lake Michigan Beaches from Van Buren County north through Mason County.

There is an icon in the middle or our main web page that will get you to the latest forecast.
The direct link to the latest forecast can be found at
The Recreational Beach Forecast should be your one stop shop for beach weather. It will 
include a forecast for both the lake and the beach itself. Air temperatures on the beach will be
forecast as well as winds, weather and the UV Index. In the swimming zone, rip current risk,
waves and water temperatures will be available.
Rip Currents and the Recreational Beach Forecast...
Rip currents are a part of the Recreational Beach Forecast. Rip Currents are powerful channeled
currents of water flowing away from shore or along piers or breakwalls. The Southwest Lower
Michigan shoreline is prone to rip currents, especially on days when there are large waves or in
the wake of strong thunderstorms that move across the lake.

In addition, winds blowing parallel to the shoreline often lead to strong rip currents near piers and
breakwalls. People planning to go to Lake Michigan beaches to swim or wade this summer should
check the rip current risk in the Recreational Beach Forecast and obey lifeguards, park rangers and
posted signs regarding the potential danger of entering Lake Michigan waters.

The rip current risk in these products will use the following three tiered text qualifiers:

Low Risk: Wind and wave conditions are not expected to support the development of rip currents.
However, rip currents can sometimes occur, especially in the vicinity of sand bars, breakwalls, and
piers. Know how to swim and heed the advice of the lifeguards.

Moderate Risk: Wind and/or wave conditions support stronger or more frequent rip currents. Only
experienced swimmers should enter the water.

High Risk: Wave conditions support dangerous rip currents. Rip Currents are life threatening to
anyone entering the waves.

Again, please find the latest Recreational Beach Forecast at
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