Tornado Watch: An Important Safety Message

A tornado watch has been issued by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma. In the interest of public safety the following safety rules are provided.  Public and commercial broadcast stations serving the affected area are asked to frequently broadcast these messages while the watch is in effect.

A watch means conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather.  During a watch...there is no cause for immediate concern but keep abreast of weather developments.  Public safety officials should...however...activate prearranged plans.

A warning means a severe thunderstorm or tornado has been observed or indicated by radar.  People in the path of the storm should take immediate precautions.

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms.  In a of the best shelters is in the basement under heavy furniture and where overhead support and protection is greatest.  If there is no basement...go to the center of the house on the lowest floor.  Get into a closet...interior hall...and or under heavy furniture.  Cover yourself with a heavy blanket or similar object.  In a other type of institutional building...go quickly to a basement...if available.  If there is no basement available...go to a central hall or corridor on the lowest floor.  Keep away from outside walls...doors and windows.  Stay out of auditoriums or gymnasiums.  If caught shelter in a basement...shelter or sturdy building.  If you cannot quickly get to a shelter...get into a vehicle...buckle your seatbelt and drive to the closest sturdy shelter.  If there are flying debris while you are driving...pull over and park.  Stay in the car with the seatbelt on.  Put your head down below the windows...covering your head with your hands or a blanket if possible.  if you can safely get lower than the level of the roadway...exit your car and lie in that area.  Make sure to cover your head with your hands.

If you plan to use a portable power generator in your careful.  Observe all safety precautions to avoid carbon monoxide position...electrocution...or a fire.  Portable generators should only be operated outdoors in a dry and well ventilated area.

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