EF-0 Tornado Confirmed in Allegan County-Updated

A damage survey team from the NWS Grand Rapids office has determined that damage caused on Tuesday evening (4/26/2011) near Burnips in Allegan County was due to a tornado. This tornado caused damage to buildings at the Deboer Turkey Farm and trailers around the area. The tornado also blew debris across the area. The tornado damage path was about 3.25 miles long and about 50 yards wide. The tornado was rated an EF-0, with top winds near 85 mph. The tornado lasted about 7 minutes, from 544 PM to 551 PM and the damage path ended at the following coordinates: 42.76 N, -85.78W.

Below is a short radar loop of the storm that produced the tornado. Click on loop to enlarge.

Below is a radar loop of the winds in the storm. The tornado is where the dark green and dark blue colors are close together in the center of the loop. The dark blue infers winds blowing toward the radar, and the dark green infers winds blowing away from the radar. Click on loop to enlarge.

Here are photos of the tornado damage in Allegan County.

Photo courtesy Wade Windemuller.

Photo courtesy of the Grand Rapids Press.

 Photo courtesy of the Grand Rapids Press.

Here is a map of the damage path in northern Allegan County.

Additional storms also dropped a lot of large hail and produced some isolated wind damage on Tuesday evening.

In Portage, seven people were injured by a lightning strike. The storms also produced heavy rain which flooded some low lying areas.

Below is a radar loop of Southwest Lower Michigan from the late afternoon hours on Tuesday into Tuesday evening. Click on loop to enlarge.

 Here are some photos of the large hail.


Parchment, MI. Photo courtesy of Brian Perkins.

Kentwood, MI. National Weather Service photo.

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