Elevated Fire Danger Today

Fire danger across all of Lower Michigan will be quite elevated today due to the very dry air in place, and with wind gusts to 40 mph expected to develop today.

If a wildfire was to start today, it would be expected to spread very quickly due to the dry and windy conditions.

Below are some tips that people can use to keep wildfires from starting:

-Contact your local fire agency before burning to obtain information about the burning regulations in your area. State law requires a permit for open burning whenever the ground is not snow-covered, even on your own property. Most areas do not allow burning on warm, dry, and windy days.

-If burning is allowed, all burn barrels must be covered with a weighted metal cover, with holes no larger than 3/4 of an inch.

-Do not throw smoking materials (cigars, cigarettes, matches, etc…) out of a moving vehicle. They may ignite dry grass on the side of the road and become a wildfire.

-Extinguish all outdoor fires properly, if outdoor fires are allowed. Drown fires with plenty of water and stir to make sure everything is cold to the touch. Dunk charcoal in water until cold. Do not throw live charcoal on the ground and leave it.

-Never leave a fire unattended. Sparks or embers can blow into leaves or grass, ignite a fire, and quickly spread.

Please contact 911 if you observe a wildfire that starts.

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