Saturday's Waterspout Wrap-up

During the late morning hours of Saturday, August 18th, numerous waterspouts were observed out over the mid-lake section of Lake Michigan well west of Holland. A storm chaser was out there, and caught many of them in pictures. It appears there were nine different waterspouts, with numerous other funnels that may or may not have eventually reached the ground.

The pictures are copyrighted by the storm chaser. They can be viewed at this link

Below is a radar loop of the showers that helped in producing the waterspouts.

The satellite imagery shown below from around the same time is a bit more ominous and widespread. It shows a line of clouds extending from northeast of Chicago to near Muskegon. It is possible there were additional waterspouts that were not seen. Click on image to enlarge.

Additional waterspouts will be possible over the waters of Lake Michigan over the next couple of days due to cooler than normal air over the relatively warmer waters of Lake Michigan. For additional information detailing how waterspouts form, see a previous article about waterspouts linked here.

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