Lowell COOP Observer 40 Year Award

On January 17, the City of Lowell Wastewater Treatment Plant (United Water) was honored for 40 years of precipitation measurements for the National Weather Service.  In addition, the plant began providing river gauge readings during times of high flow on the Grand River in 2002.   On hand for the award presentation were plant employee Brian Vander Meulen, NWS Observing Program Leader Brandon Hoving, and NWS Meteorologist Intern Evan Webb.  The City of Lowell has a rich tradition of providing these critical observations.  Details are as follows...


Precipitation observations actually date back to 1939 by the City of Lowell Water Works.  Over the course of the next 33 years, weather observations moved to different locations in the greater Lowell area and new observers took over.  Then, on March 23, 1972, an agreement was signed by the National Weather Service and the City of Lowell Wastewater Treatment plant for the recording of precipitation observations.  Mr. Frank Martin served as the primary observer at the plant from 1978 and 2011 before retiring.  Mr. Mark Mundt, plant supervisor, and Mr. Brian Vander Meulen took over as the primary observers after Mr. Martin retired.  The precipitation measurements that are taken help aid operational decisions at the plant, as water obviously plays a major role in their day to day activities!


In recent years, the city of Lowell contracted out their water treatment operations to United Water.  The personnel at United Water continue the faithful service of maintaining excellent precipitation measurements and also river gauge readings during more active periods on the Grand River.  In 2012, the plant had a perfect record of observations; not a single day was missed!  The National Weather Service wishes to publicly thank the observers for their dedicated service to the country!


Below is Brian Vander Meulen, accepting the 40 year award.



For questions about the Cooperative Weather Observer program, please contact Brandon Hoving at (616)-949-0643, ext. 675 or via email at brandon.hoving@noaa.gov.

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