Earliest and Latest Freeze Dates

The first graphic below shows the top ten earliest and last freezes for Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Muskegon. While the freeze that occurred on Monday morning (5/13/13) is not in the top ten latest freezes, it is significant later than average. The second graphic gives the date of the last freeze for each of the three primary climate sites for the past ten years. Then, the 1981-2010 climatological normal latest freeze date is listed, or the average date of the last freeze over that 30-year period. As for May 13th of this year, Lansing is about a week later than normal for the latest freeze, Muskegon is a little over a week later than normal, and Grand Rapids is nearly two weeks later than normal. There hasn't been a freeze this late in the season (May 13th or later) since May 19, 2008 in Muskegon and May 28, 2008 in Lansing. Grand Rapids hasn't experienced temperatures at 32 or below after May 13th since May 20, 2002. 


Listed below are some of the morning low temperatures around Southwest Lower Michigan on Monday morning, May 13th:

Grand Rapids 29
Lansing 28
Muskegon 28
Holland 33
Kalamazoo 31
Battle Creek 32
Jackson 28
Big Rapids 27
Ludington 25
Mt. Pleasant 30












*Placement for the rankings below were first determined by specific day of the event. If a tie occurred on that day, the most recent year took precedence. For this table, freeze dates were considered to be when temperatures reached 32 degrees or below.