Round 1 of Heavy Snow


Strongest winter storm in decades strikes Kansas



A powerful storm system ejected out of the southern Rockies and into the plains on February 21st and brought some of the highest snowfall amounts this area has seen in decades.  As of 7 pm on February 21st the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport has measured a storm total snowfall of 14.2 inches which makes this storm the 2nd worst on record!  The highest storm total snowfall for Wichita occurred back in 1962 when a storm dumped 15 inches.

One of the more unique aspects of this storm was the amount of thundersnow that took place during the early morning hours of February 21st.  Below is video taken from a security camera at the National Weather Service in Wichita showing the lightning associated with the thundersnow.



Meteorology information

radar animation at the time widespread thundersnow was affecting much of south central Kansas

Infrared satellite animation showing the cooler cloud tops spreading over south central Kansas as the storm system ejected out of the southern Rockies

Snow pictures

Snow fall across east Wichita. Provide via facebook by Park East Townhomes

Snow in Wichita Kansas. Picture taken by Rod Themick Rossow and received via facebook.

Snowfall in Ellsworth County. Picture taken by Tony Ryan


Picture taken by Cindy Leggitt


Snow in Belle Plaine KS, taken by April Dawn Alexander and received through facebook.


Snowfall in Clearwater KS. Picture taken by Molly Kinkaid and received through facebook.


Heavy snow in West Wichita at the time thundersnow was occuring


Snow measurement near Clearwater by Mick McGuire


Snow in West Wichita. Picture taken by Janet Spurgeon


Snowfall in West Wichita near Central and Tyler


Snow measurement in West Wichita by Janet Spurgeon


Meteorologist Vanessa Pearce out measuring snow.

This United Flight had to be dug out at the Wichtia Mid-Continent Airport

Snow measurement near Mount Hope by Eric Sities



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