Rainfall Totals from Monday Afternoon and Night

Very heavy rain fell over portions of central and southeast Illinois Monday afternoon and night.  The heaviest rains fell in a corridor from around Springfield northeast to Danville and Hoopeston, where some areas received 2 to 4 inches.  In a narrow corridor across east central Champaign and west central Vermilion Counties, radar estimated 4 to 6 inches fell, and an observer within this corridor at St. Joseph did report 4.83 inches.  The image below shows the radar estimated rainfall amounts ending at 7 am Tuesday.  The purple areas represent at least 2.5 inches of rain, with the darker blue estimating at least 4 inches.

Radar estimated 24-hour rainfall ending 7 am June 24

Here are some 24-hour totals ending around 8 am Tuesday morning, via several sources:

Amount         Location                        County           Source
5.25           Armstrong                       Vermilion        Public
4.83           St. Joseph                      Champaign        CoCoRaHS
4.30           Stonington                      Christian        Public
4.00           Boody                           Macon            Public
3.50           Dalton City (northeast)         Moultrie         Public
3.25           Champaign (southwest side)      Champaign        Public
3.24           Decatur (2 mi. WSW)             Macon            CoCoRaHS
3.08           Springfield (airport)           Sangamon         Official obs
3.03           Springfield (near fairgrounds)  Sangamon         Official obs
3.00           Urbana (southeast)              Champaign        Public
2.91           Urbana (2 mi. north)            Champaign        CoCoRaHS
2.87           Kincaid (3 mi. west)            Christian        Official obs
2.76           Lovington                       Moultrie         Official obs
2.72           Atwood                          Piatt            CoCoRaHS
2.64           Springfield (3 mi. NNW)         Sangamon         CoCoRaHS
2.58           Urbana (1 mi. south-southeast)  Champaign        CoCoRaHS
2.55           Cerro Gordo (4 mi. north)       Piatt            CoCoRaHS
2.54           Champaign (1 mi. south)         Champaign        CoCoRaHS
2.54           Urbana (4 mi. south-southwest)  Champaign        Official obs
2.51           Savoy                           Champaign        SWOP
2.51           Atwood (5 mi. northwest)        Piatt            CoCoRaHS
2.49           Sherman                         Sangamon         Official obs
2.46           Springfield (3 mi. SSE)         Sangamon         CoCoRaHS
2.41           Philo (2 mi. east-northeast)    Champaign        CoCoRaHS
2.41           Monticello (7 mi. WSW)          Piatt            CoCoRaHS
2.41           Sidney                          Champaign        CoCoRaHS
2.36           Champaign                       Champaign        Public
2.26           Philo                           Champaign        Official obs
1.99           Hoopeston (1 mi. west)          Vermilion        CoCoRaHS
1.96           Cisco (2 mi. southwest)         Piatt            Official obs
1.94           Thomasboro (5 mi. east)         Champaign        CoCoRaHS
1.90           Mackinaw                        Tazewell         Public
1.87           Ogden                           Champaign        Official obs
1.77           Chatham (2 mi. east)            Sangamon         CoCoRaHS
1.77           Cisco (2 mi. north-northeast)   Piatt            CoCoRaHS
1.66           Riverton (2 mi. west)           Sangamon         CoCoRaHS
1.62           Mount Zion                      Piatt            CoCoRaHS
1.61           Bismarck (3 mi. west)           Vermilion        SWOP
1.61           Henning (3 mi. south-southeast) Vermilion        CoCoRaHS
1.60           Thomasboro                      Champaign        Public
1.57           Taylorville (2 mi. southwest)   Champaign        Official obs
1.50           Broadlands                      Champaign        Public
1.45           Decatur (airport)               Macon            ASOS
1.43           Edinburg (3 mi. west)           Christian        CoCoRaHS
1.41           Tuscola                         Douglas          Official obs
1.28           Effingham                       Effingham        Official obs

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