Weather Alert Radios Save Lives


Today, a better understanding of how tornadoes form, new technology such as Doppler radar, and faster communications with storm spotters, allow meteorologists to provide more accurate and timely warnings for destructive tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flooding. However, in order for these warnings to be effective, people must receive the warnings in a timely manner, and then take proper actions to protect themselves.
The best way to receive severe weather watches and warnings is with a tone-alert NOAA Weather Radio unit. A weather alert radio will give you the severe weather information direct from your local National Weather Service office within seconds. Watches and warnings are preceded by a tone-alert that can automatically activate your radio and get your attention with a high pitched alarm. Additional alert devices for the hearing impaired are also available for use with weather alert radios. Newer weather alert radios can be programmed to only alert you for watches and warnings for desired counties.
Nearly 40% of all severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash floods occur at night in Illinois. It can be very difficult to hear an outdoor warning siren inside your home, at night, when you are asleep. A weather alert radio with a tone alarm feature will wake you up to warn you of an impending storm. Numerous people that survived the deadly tornado outbreak in Illinois on November 17, 2013 did so because they were alerted by a weather radio.

Weather radios can be purchased at many department stores, pharmacies, electronics stores, and home improvement centers for only $30. They are HIGHLY recommended for homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers and businesses. Portable weather radios are also a good thing to have with you when traveling, boating or camping.

For more information visit our NOAA Weather Radio Web Page.

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