1st 100 Degree Day in Champaign/Urbana in 16 Years and Other 100 Degree Statistics

High temperatures approaching 100 degrees this week have many people wondering about the last time this occurred.  Reaching 100 degrees is a rare occurrence in central and southeast Illinois.  A review of the climate record shows it has been at least several years since most locations have reached triple digits.  The Champaign/Urbana area went 16 years without reaching the century mark, until a high of 100 degrees was measured on Tuesday July 19th.

Listed below are the dates of the most recent 100+ degree highs for selected sites in the area.  Unless otherwise noted, observation time is midnight.  Data are for the 24-hour period ending at observation time.

Normal 4 NE* July 19, 2011
Urbana July 19, 2011
Decatur** August 22, 2007
Olney 2S* July 25, 2007
Charleston** July 25, 2005
Lincoln July 25, 2005
Peoria July 25, 2005
Galesburg* July 24, 2005
Springfield July 14, 1995

* 6 AM or 7 AM observation time
** 7 PM observation time

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