January 2012 Weather Review

Like December 2011, January 2012 temperatures were well above normal, averaging 5 to 7 degrees above normal across central Illinois.  Only a few days had temperatures styaing below freezing similar to December.  Mild highs in the 50s and 60s occurred during the following four periods, Jan 5-6th, 10-11th, 16-17th and 30-31st.  The NWS office in Lincoln set record highs near 60 degrees on Jan 16th & 30th with Peoria also setting a record high of 60 degrees on Jan 30th.  January continued below normal snowfall amounts this winter across central Illinois, though snowfall in January was closer to normal along and north of I-74.  Areas south of I-72 were 2-4 inches below normal for snowfall during January.  The most snow fell from Jan 12-13th with as much as 3-5 inches over central Illinois along with strong west winds creating drifts as high as 2-3 feet.  Between 1 and 3 inches of wet snow fell Friday night Jan 27-28 along and north of a Quincy to Lincoln to Rantoul line.  The snow that did fall a couple times during the month only lasted 2-4 days before it melted with much of the month having bare ground.  Normal January snowfall ranges from 5-8 inches over central Illinois, and 3-5 inches in southeast Illinois.  (normal IL January snowfall).  It was much wetter over eastern Illinois during January with 3-4 inches of precipitation east of I-57, while around 1 inch or less fell west of the Illinois river.

Here are the climate summaries for area cities.  Only Peoria, Springfield, and Lincoln are "official".  The remaining summaries are "supplemental", meaning they are not the official observing station for that location.  Here is the official Champaign-Urbana weather data for Jan 2012

Illinois Snowfall Jan 2012Illinois Snowfall Departure from Mean Jan 2012

Precipitation over Illinois January 2012 Precipitation departure from mean over Illinois Jan 2012

IL Average Temperature Jan 2012IL Average Temperature Departure from Mean Jan 2012

IL High Temperature Average Jan 2012IL Average High Temperature Departure from Mean Jan 2012

IL Average Low Temperature Jan 2012IL Average Low Temperature Departure from Mean Jan 2012
















Below is a map of the average temperature departure from mean across the Midwest for January 2012.  Note that much of the Midwest is 4 to 8 degrees above normal during this month, with western Minnesota, and going into North Dakota and northern South Dakota are 8 to 10 degrees above normal.  The jet stream the past two months has been staying closer to the U.S. Canadian border on average, unlike the last few winters where the jet stream dived south deep into the eastern U.S.  This has kept much of the bitter cold airmasses bottled up north across Canada and Alaska, while much of the U.S. has been enjoying a mild winter.  On the other side of the world, much of Europe and Asia have been having a cold and snowy winter so far. 

Average temperature departure from normal for December.

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