Annual Climate Summaries Available

Links below are the Annual (2012 calendar year) climate summaries for area cities. Only the summaries for Peoria, Springfield and Lincoln are considered "official", meaning they are the station of record for their respective locations. The other summaries are "supplemental", meaning another location in the area is the official climate station for that city.

  • Peoria (Peoria International Airport):  Annual
  • Springfield (Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport):  Annual 
  • Lincoln (Lincoln NWS office): Annual  
  • Champaign (University of Illinois - Willard Airport): Annual 
  • Decatur (Decatur Airport): Annual 
  • Lawrenceville (Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport): Annual
  • Mattoon (Coles County Airport): Annual

Climate data for other area cities is available at

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