April Weather Highlights

Very wet conditions set up across central and southeast Illinois in April.  Figure 1 below shows departure from normal April rainfall.  Note a large part of the Midwest and lower Great Lakes saw two to three times normal rainfall.  Much of this surplus was the result of a very wet stretch of weather which set up over the area during the middle of the month.  An extended period of active spring weather brought well above normal rainfall to all of central and southeast Illinois April 10th through the 19th. Several weather systems impacted the area, with the most significant heavy rain producers on April 10th and April 15th-19th (Figure 2).  

April precipitation departure from normal

April 15-19 rainfall

April temp. departure from normal

Fig. 1. April precip. departure from normal

Fig. 2. April 15-19 rainfall

Fig. 3. April temp. departure from normal

Most of the area picked up 3-7" of rainfall during mid-April, with around 1.30" being a normal amount of rain for that period.  The table below lists specific amounts for area cities during this stretch of wet weather.


April 10-19 Rainfall Normal % of Normal
Charleston 6.07" 1.27" 478
Danville 5.47" 1.34" 408
Decatur 5.79" 1.30" 445
Effingham 4.96" 1.30" 381
Galesburg 6.65" 1.32" 503
Jacksonville 4.61" 1.43" 322
Lincoln 4.47" 1.27" 352
Normal 3.73" 1.35" 276
Peoria 6.59" 1.24" 531
Robinson 2.68" 1.45" 185
Springfield 4.18" 1.26" 332
Urbana 6.03" 1.28" 471

As a result of this heavy rain falling on saturated soil, sigificant runoff resulted in every river in the area exceeded flood stage. This most significant flooding occured along the Spoon and Illinois rivers, where record crests were observed. The table below lists preliminary record crests set this month.

Station Name River New Record (ft) Date Old Record (ft) Date
Henry Illinois 32.81 4/22/13 32.67 3/22/1979
Peoria Illinois 29.35 4/23/13 28.80 5/23/1943
Kingston Mines Illinois 26.58 4/24/13 26.02 5/25/1943
Copperas Creek Illinois 25.52 4/24/13 24.70 5/25/1943
Havana Illinois 27.78 4/25/13 27.10 5/26/1943
Beardstown Illinois 29.80 4/25/13 29.60 5/26/1943
Wyoming Indian Creek 23.90 4/18/13 23.81 6/22/1974
London Mills Spoon M M 28.03 6/23/1974
Seville Spoon 35.82 4/20/13 33.10 7/26/1993
Green Valley Mackinaw 28.48 4/20/13 28.44 1/16/2005

Several daily precipitation records and one monthly "Top 10" were set for the offical climate sites at Peoria, Springfield, and Lincoln.  These include:

  • Peoria - 5th wettest April with 7.75"
  • Peoria - Daily record rainfall of 1.82" April 10th
  • Peoria - Daily record rainfall of 2.47" April 17th
  • Peoria - Daily record rainfall of 1.37" April 18th
  • Springfield - Daily record snowfall of "trace" (tie) April 19th
  • Lincoln - Daily record rainfall of 2.02" April 10th
  • Lincoln - Daily record rainfall of 1.61" April 18th
  • Lincoln - Daily record snowfall of "trace" (tie) April 19th

Links below are the monthly climate summaries for area cities. Only the summaries for Peoria, Springfield and Lincoln are considered "official", meaning they are the station of record for their respective locations. The other summaries are "supplemental", meaning another location in the area is the official climate station for that city.

Climate data for other area cities is available at http://www.nws.noaa.gov/climate/xmacis.php?wfo=ilx



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