Wet First Half of 2013

Precipitation for January through June was well above normal for all of central and southeast Illinois.  Many cities across the western portions of central Illinois, and also in southeast Illinois ranked in the top 10 wettest for this period.  In fact, Galesburg, Peoria, and Havana all had their wettest first half of the year in 2013.  Precipitation totals ranged from 20-25" in the Bloomington to Danville corridor, to as high as 35" in parts of west-central and southeast Illinois (Map 1, click to enlarge).  These totals were 4-15" above normal (Map 2).  Maps 3 and 4 show the stark contrast to 2012, when many areas were in their top 10 driest starts to a year, and severe to extreme drought conditions were building over much of central Illinois.

January through June 2012 Precipitation January through June 2013 Precipitation Departure from Mean
Map 1. Jan. through June 2013 Precip.                                            Map 2. Jan. through June 2013 Precip. departure from mean

January through June 2012 Precipitation January through June 2012 Precipitation Departure from Mean
Map 3. Jan. through June 2012 Precip
.                                  Map 4. Jan. through June 2013 Precip. departure from mean 

The table below lists first half of 2013 precipitation for selected cities with long-term records, and where this ranks among the wettest January through June periods.

Rank Location Amount
#1 Havana 35.35"
#1 Galesburg 31.64"
#1 Peoria 29.71"
#4 Palestine 32.30"
#4 Jacksonville 29.40"
#6 Effingham 31.09"
#8 Olney 34.33"
#8 Springfield 29.07"
#9 Charleston 28.50"
#14 Urbana 24.00"
#15 Decatur 25.27"
#33 Normal 21.98"


The following graphs show accumulated January through June precipitation for 2013, 2012, normal, and the wettest period on record (click to enlarge).

Havana Galesburg
                             HAVANA                                                                 GALESBURG


Peoria Palestine
                               PEORIA                                                                   PALESTINE


Jacksonville Effingham
                          JACKSONVILLE                                                           EFFINGHAM


 Olney Springfield
                                        OLNEY                                                                      SPRINGFIELD


Charleston Urbana
                           CHARLESTON                                                               URBANA


Decatur Normal
                            DECATUR                                                                     NORMAL


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