March 2014 Central Indiana Climate Summary

                Central Indiana

March 2014

Climate Summary

20th Coldest on record at Indianapolis

40th Driest on record at Indianapolis

46th Snowiest on record at Indianapolis



The first week of March set the tone for the month with much of the week well below normal. The period of the 2nd through the 5th had average temperatures over 10 degrees below normal, with the 3rd having over a 20 degree below average temperature. The coldest temperature for the month was recorded during this period, with single digit temperatures recorded on the 3rd and 4th at many locations.

Readings rebounded the next week with highs in the 60s by the 11th, including a 68 degree high at Indianapolis. A roller coaster ride of temperatures continued for much of the rest of March, with near to above normal temperatures giving way to well below normal readings, before returning back up again.

Another cold period occurred from the 23rd to the 26th with average temperatures again more than 10 degrees below average. Low temperatures were in the teens at some locations during this period.

The month ended on a warmer note, with highs in the 50s and 60s on the 30th and 31st.

March ended up as the 20th coldest on record, but only the coldest March since just last year at Indianapolis.


March 2014     Avg Temp

March 2014 Difference from Normal



Lowest Temperature




68 on 11 and 21

7 on 3 and 4




68 on 31

2 on 3




67 on 21 and 31

2 on 3

Terre Haute



71 on 11

6 on 4




72 on 11

4 on 4




72 on 11

6 on 4

Indy – Eagle Crk.



69 on 11

6 on 4


At Indianapolis, there were 8 days with above normal average temperatures, 21 days with below normal average temperatures, and 2 days with normal temperatures. 
March 2014 was the 20th coldest in the Indianapolis area since weather records began in 1871.





March precipitation was below normal across all of Indiana.  Much of the state received between 1½ to 3 inches of liquid precipitation during March, with some areas of south central Indiana seeing over 4 inches.

There were only two significant rain events during March.  The first was on the 12th when rainfall of ½ to nearly 2 inches fell in central Indiana.  The second was from the 28th through the 29th when ½ to slightly over 2 inches fell in central and southern Indiana.  Prior to the 28th-29th rainfall, central and southern Indiana had been mostly dry for 15 to 24 days.  Portions of northern Indiana ended March without significant precipitation in the last 19 days.


March 2014  Precipitation

March 2014 Difference from Normal

Wettest Day

Longest Dry Stretch




1.29 on 12

 9 days 3-11




0.88 on 12

 6 days 13-18




0.99 on 12

 6 days 6-11 &

Terre Haute



0.70 on 12

 7 days 4-10




0.76 on 29

 7 days 4-10




0.80 on 29

 7 days 4-10

Indy – Eagle Crk.



0.43 on 29

12 days 13-24

              ** Indy-Eagle Creek precipitation data was not available on 3/12.

March 2014 was the 40th driest in the Indianapolis area since weather records began in 1871.




Many areas of central Indiana received near normal monthly snowfall of 1 to 3 inches. However, portions of Carroll, Tippecanoe, Clinton, Howard and Boone counties measured upwards of 8 to 9 inches of snowfall. The 3.1 inch total at Indianapolis made March 2013 the 46th snowiest March on record. Most of the monthly total at Indianapolis fell on the 2nd, when 2.4 inches fell. This set a daily snowfall record for the date.

Severe Weather


No severe weather was reported across central Indiana during March. Thunderstorms brought small hail to some areas on the 25th.  


For information on severe weather in other areas during March, visit the Storm Prediction Center “Severe Weather Event Summaries” website at




The maximum wind gust at the Indianapolis International Airport was 52 mph from the southwest during the afternoon of the 14th as a cold front approached the area. Fog or haze was reported at Indianapolis on 14 days during the month, with dense fog occurring on one day. Ice pellets or freezing rain and drizzle was reported on two days during March. Thunder occurred on the 12th and 28th.


April 2014 Outlook


The official outlook for April 2014 from the Climate Prediction Center indicates a greater chance of below normal temperatures across central Indiana.  At Indianapolis, the average temperature for the month is 53.0 degrees.  The outlook also calls for above normal precipitation. The average precipitation for April at Indianapolis is 3.81”, with 0.2” of snowfall.



Data prepared by the Indianapolis Forecast Office.

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