April 2014 Central Indiana Climate Summary

               Central Indiana

April 2014

Climate Summary

59th Warmest on record at Indianapolis

26th Wettest on record at Indianapolis



 April started out on a warmer note for much of the area, especially in contrast to how cool temperatures were throughout most of March.  Southern portions of central Indiana made it to 70 degrees on the 1st but as a nearly stationary frontal boundary set up over the southern part of the state, high temperatures through the 3rd largely remained in the 50s and 60s. Cooler air returned with the departure of the front early on the 4th, with highs generally in the 40s and 50s over the next several days. A more substantial warmup commenced on the 9th as south-southwest winds developed on the back side of broad surface high pressure.  Many areas reached 70 degrees for the first time in 2014 on the 10th, beginning a string of four to five consecutive days with high temperatures into the middle and upper 70s. For Indianapolis, the high temperature of 74 on the 10th marked the latest first 70 degree day for a calendar year since 1984 and the 10th latest first 70 degree day on record.

The passage of a strong cold front on the 14th brought a rather abrupt end to the warmth enjoyed during the second week of the month, with winter once again returning. High temperatures on the 15th were 20 to 25 degrees below normal, with many locations remaining in the 30s with light snow showers. The coldest mornings of the month came during this stretch of cool weather, with most of central Indiana experiencing subfreezing temperatures on the 16th as lows bottomed out in the middle and upper 20s.  The return of high pressure and southerly winds kept the wintry weather short-lived, with high temperatures returning into the 70s by the 18th.  The remainder of the month was largely dominated by high pressure, with highs consistently in the 60s and 70s. A broad upper level low brought clouds and cooler weather at the end of the month as it meandered slowly east across the upper Mississippi Valley.


April 2014     Avg Temp

April 2014 Difference from Normal



Lowest Temperature




78 on 12 and 26

26 on 16




77 on 12

25 on 16




77 on 12 and 13

25 on 15 and 16

Terre Haute



79 on 26

29 on 15 and 16




79 on 12 and 26

27 on 16




81 on 26

29 on 16

Indy – Eagle Crk.



78 on 12

28 on 16


At Indianapolis, there were 16 days with above normal average temperatures, 13 days with below normal average temperatures and 1 day with normal average temperatures.


April 2014 was the 59th warmest in the Indianapolis area since 1871.




April rainfall was normal to much above normal across almost all of Indiana.  Monthly totals measured from 2 inches in northern Indiana to over 12 inches in southwest Indiana.  Much of the state received between 3 to 8 inches of rain during April.

The Indianapolis area received the most snowfall for April since 1994.  Snow from a few tenths of an inch to slightly more than an inch fell in central Indiana late on the 14th through early afternoon on the 15th.  This was the latest measurable snow for Indianapolis since 2001.  Snow of 1 to 5 inches fell in northern Indiana and up to an inch in southeast Indiana.

There were two major rain events during April.  Storms from the 2nd through the 4th dumped 2 to 6 inches of rain on central and southern Indiana.  Mudslides and flash flooding closed portions of I-64 in southern Indiana with widespread local flooding in central Indiana.  Ensuing river flooding along the Wabash, White and East Fork White Rivers lasted from 7 to 15 days in southern Indiana. 

After a 24-day span when little significant precipitation in the state, storms brought 3 to 4 inches of rain to southern Indiana on the 28th. The heaviest rainfall was along and south of US Highway 50.  The lowest reaches of the White and Wabash Rivers approached bankfull levels.



April 2014 Precipitation

April 2014 Difference from Normal

Wettest Day

Longest Dry Stretch




1.70 on 3

 5 days 16-20




2.26 on 3

 5 days 16-20




2.55 on 3

 5 days 16-20

Terre Haute



1.46 on 3

 5 days 16-20




1.74 on 3

 5 days 16-20




1.71 on 3

 5 days 16-20

Indy – Eagle Crk.



2.03 on 3

 5 days 16-20


April 2014 was the 26th wettest in the Indianapolis area since weather records began in 1871.



Severe Weather

April was a relatively quiet month for severe weather across central Indiana.  A nearly stationary frontal boundary set up across the Ohio Valley during the first three days of the month.  As waves of low pressure tracked along the boundary, central Indiana experienced periods of showers and thunderstorms through the 3rd.  Storms on the evening of the 2nd and early morning of the 3rd were strong with numerous reports of small hail, especially across southwest parts of central Indiana. Additional strong thunderstorms on the 28th and 29th produced a few reports of small hail, mainly across southern and eastern portions of central Indiana.


For information on severe weather in other areas during April, visit the Storm Prediction Center “Severe Weather Event Summaries” website at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/online/.




The maximum wind gust at Indianapolis International Airport was 47 mph out of the south-southwest on the afternoon of the 29th.  Fog or haze was reported at Indianapolis on 15 days during the month.  Thunder was reported on 5 days during the month.


May 2014 Outlook


The official outlook for May 2014 from the Climate Prediction Center indicates above normal precipitation, and equal chances of above normal, normal or below normal temperatures for central Indiana.  At Indianapolis, the average temperature for the month is 62.7 degrees. The average precipitation for May at Indianapolis is 5.05”.



Data prepared by the Indianapolis Forecast Office.

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