Feb. 5 Storms, Damage Surveys Completed, 1 Tornado...


National Weather Service teams completed damage surveys from last night’s thunderstorms. 

In Bloomfield (Greene County), the National Weather Service has confirmed an EF1 tornado occurred.  Its 100 to 200 foot wide path began just south of the town’s water treatement plant, continued northeast through town and lifted around 3 miles north of town.  Wind speeds were estimated around 100 mph.  Several dozen homes, garages and outbuildings received significant wall and roof damage.  Numerous trees were also uprooted or snapped by the high winds.  An eyewitness reported seeing swirling debris just before the tornado damaged the rear of his home around 9:15 pm.   No injuries were reported.  

Bloomfield Damage Pictures - Click to Enlarge
Damage pic 1 Damage Pic 2 Damage Pic 3

Damage Pic 4 Damage Pic 5

In Bainbridge (Putnam County), straight line wind estimated at 85 mph was determined to have damaged the Bainbridge Fire Department building.  The downburst winds lifted the overhang of the roof’s west end and completely separated the roof from the walls. Tangled aluminum roof material was tossed northeast and insulation was splattered on the home just east of the firehouse.  Just south of the firehouse, across county road 700 north, a barn was destroyed by the high wind.

Bainbridge Damage Pictures - Click to Enlarge

Damage Pic 6

Damage Pic 7

Damage Pic 8

Eight miles southwest of Greensburg (Decatur County), a microburst caused damage to a church and a nearby home.  Approximately 8 to 10 feet of the church steeple was taken off and blown into a nearby home.  Wind speeds that caused this damage are estimated at around 100 mph.  National Weather Service surveyor Dan McCarthy said “There was one impact point evident with damage spreading out from that point.”

About a mile and a half south of Greensburg a house trailer was blown off its foundation by straight line winds.

Greensburg Area Damage Pictures - Click to Enlarge
Damage Pic 9 Damage Pic 10

Near Seymour in Cortland (Jackson County), the survey team found damage had been caused by straight line winds.  Several trees were uprooted and one outbuilding was destroyed.

Below is a map of counties referenced above. Red represents tornado, and yellow represents straight line winds.

map of counties

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