NWS Indy Winter Storm Weblog, February 12-14, 2007

This weblog will be updated only as time and essential duties permit.  To report winter storm information, send email to w-ind.webmaster@noaa.gov  Pictures would be welcomed as wel.  NOTE:  The order of this weblog has been reversed to ease access to the newest information.  The latest entries will appear at the top.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

4:15 AM EST...The storm is over but the clean up goes on.   We’d like to thank everyone who supplied reports and pictures of the Feb. 12-13 Winter Storm.  We may not reply to every message but know this...your efforts are appreciated by all at the NWS. We’d also like to thank the early A.M. television Meteorologists who called to supply reports or phoned to find out the latest on our thinking.  From spotters to the media to the NWS...we all work together to get the weather message out, its a team effort and this storm was a great example of that. 

 NWS Indianapolis

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


4:55 AM EST...TV station in Lafayette reported 17.0" new snow from the storm with a snow depth of 19".

4:20 AM EST...Just some flurries here at the office now...think the accumulating stuff is over.

3:05 AM EST...Another 0.1" of snow at the office in the past hour. Looks like the accumulating snow is just about over here as the deformation zone dies a slow death. Winds have dropped to about 15 kts. Noticed a little drifting...but overall conditions are getting better. Going out to measure snow every hour reminds me of days gone by when I was a weather observer in Wisconsin...minus the cheese curds and strawberry milk.

2:05 AM EST...0.2" new snow at the office in the past hour. Deformation zone shrinking but still parked over the city. 28 continuous hours of wintry precipiation at the IND ASOS site. Can we make 30?  

1:12 AM EST...Cooperative observer in Castleton reports 7.9 inches of snowfall in the last 24 hours.  Snow depth at his location is 11 inches.

1:10 AM EST...WTHR reports 10 inches storm total snow in Broad Ripple.

1:00 AM EST...Another 0.3 of snow pushes our storm total to 8.1 inches.  It looks like another hour or so before the accumulating snow tapers off.  Blowing and drifting continues to be an issue.  Average snow depth on the ground remains 10 inches.

12:00 AM EST...There’s plenty to report as of midnight.  Light snow continues to fall at Indianapolis.  New snow from 7:00 PM EST to midnight is 1.2 inches.  The 24-hour total of 7.4 inches is a new daily record snowfall for February 13th at Indianapolis, besting the previous record of 4.5 inches set in 1914.  Storm total snowfall is now 7.8 inches since the storm began Monday night.  Snow depth on the ground is 10 inches.  All warnings have expired, and a snow and blowing snow advisory is now in effect through noon tomorrow for central Indiana along and north of a Terre Haute to Rushville line.  Travel conditions will continue to be treacherous or nearly impossible across much of the area, especially north of Indianapolis.  Many counties over the northern half of central Indiana are under snow emergencies.  According to reports, many counties over northern portions of central Indiana have pulled snow removal crews off the roads until tomorrow morning due to safety concerns as high winds continue to cause significant blowing and drifting of snow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

11:07 PM EST...A spotter in Frankfort reports 14 inches storm total snow.  3-4 foot drifts present in town.  A secondhand report mentions drifts of 6-9 feet in rural areas of Clinton county.  Travel conditions will be extremely hazardous to nearly impossible across much of the northern half of central Indiana tonight due to blowing and drifting snow.

11:00 PM EST...Snowfall at Indianapolis has taken another slight uptick in intensity.  New snow since 7:00 PM EST is now 0.8 inches, for a storm total of 7.4 inches since snow began at 9:50 PM EST last night.  Blowing and drifting continues to increase as fresh snow falls and winds remain brisk out of the north gusting to around 25-35 mph across central Indiana.  Visibility has dropped to 3/4 mile at Indy.

10:15 PM EST...The Blizzard Warning, Winter Storm Warning, and Winter Weather Advisory all continue through midnight EST.  A Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory will be in effect from midnight EST tonight through noon EST tomorrow along and north of a Terre Haute to Rushville line.  Blowing snow will be worst over areas where precipitation has fallen as all snow (mainly north of Indianapolis).  With strong winds out of the north, drifting will be a significant problem on east-west roadways.  A Blowing Snow Advisory means visibilities will be limited due to strong winds blowing snow around.

9:50 PM EST...NWS employee on the northwest side of Muncie reports 10 inches of new snow with a snow depth on the ground of 12 inches total.

9:50 PM EST...Snowfall has increased in intensity at Indianapolis with some larger flakes falling.  New snow since 7:00 PM EST is now up to 0.5" for a storm total of 7.1" since the storm began at IND exactly 24 hours ago.

9:45 PM EST...A spotter in Carmel reports 9.8 inches storm total snow as of this time.

9:05 PM EST...A CoCoRaHS observer 3.2 miles south of Indianapolis reports 6.5 inches of new snow since the storm began.  The temperature is 14.8 degrees at his location, and light snow continues to fall.

9:00 PM EST...0.3" new snow has fallen since 7:00 PM EST, bringing the storm total snowfall to 6.9" at Indianapolis.  Blowing and drifting continues with winds gusting to 25 knots.  Temperature at the office has dropped to 13.3 degrees.

8:35 PM EST...Snowfall has decreased slightly in intensity at Indianapolis, and snow is now falling in the form of fine needle-like crystals.  Visibility is varying between 1 and 2 miles.

7:35 PM EST...A spotter in Loogootee in Martin County reports that sleet has changed over to snow at that location.

7:30 PM EST...Weather Spotter in Castleton along 71st street reports 6.5 inches of storm total snow and 9 inches of snow now on the ground.

7:25 PM EST...A spotter reports that precipitation has changed from sleet to snow at Bedford.  The temperature is 23 degrees.

7:24 PM EST...Official NWS observations show precipitation has changed to snow at Bloomington.

7:09 PM EST...Total snow depth at WFO Indy is 9.0 inches. Storm Total Snow is now 6.6.  Storm total liquid equivalent is 1.25 inches.  Light snow and blowing snow continues with winds gusting to 27 knots at Indianapolis. 

6:45 PM EST...A spotter on the east side of Indianapolis reports that sleet has changed over to snow.

6:27 PM EST...A trained spotter 5 miles northeast of Brownsburg reports storm total snow of 9.5 inches.  Snow now falling at a rate of 1-1.5 inches per hour.  Visibility is down to 1 mile or less in snow and blowing snow.  Winds are NE at 15-17 mph with higher gusts.

6:27 PM EST...The sleet/snow mix has ended at Indianapolis!  We have changed over to all snow at the Indianapolis International Airport with visibility around 3/4 miles.

6:15 PM EST...A spotter at Vincennes reports that precipitation has changed over to snow in the last 5 minutes.  He reports 1/16" of ice has accumulated.  The current temperature is 23 degrees.  Storm total rainfall amounts are approaching 2 inches in the Vincennes area.

6:03 PM EST...An NWS Employee in Lafayette reports around 12 inches of snow. She reported she "stepped in a few drifts that were deeper". Also, a spotter in Alexandria reports a storm total snow of 13 inches...with blowing and drifting continuing.

6:00 PM EST...Sleet and snow have accumulated to an additional 0.6" since 1:00 PM EST...for an unofficial storm total of 5.9 inches.  Temperature at the office is 16.6 degrees at this time.  Warm layer aloft is still winning the battle, but a change back to all snow should occur soon.

5:38 PM EST...Trained spotter reports 8.5 inches of snow at 86th and Township Line Road in Indianapolis.

5:30 PM EST...WLFI in West Lafayette reports their storm total snowfall has reached one foot.  Widespread storm total amounts of 10-12 inches are being reported in that portion of the state.

5:25 PM EST...A trained spotter 5 miles northeast of Brownsburg reports that sleet has changed back over to all snow within the last 30 minutes.

5:10 PM EST...A CoCoRaHS spotter in Brownsburg reports 8.8 inches storm total snow, with 10 inch snow depth on the ground.  Spotter also reports 0.3 inches storm total ice accumulation.  Some drifts to three feet reported.  A sleet/snow mix is occurring at this time.

5:06 PM EST...A spotter 3 miles southeast of Bedford near the Bedford Airport reports a changeover from rain to sleet.

5:03 PM EST...WTHI in Terre Haute reports 1.8 inches of snow, 0.2" of glaze ice, 1.1" of sleet atop the previous snow/sleet/ice, and several tree limbs down due to ice accumulation in the city.  Trees and power lines are also down due to ice at 12th and McCampbell Streets and at Springhill Road in Terre Haute.

5:00 PM EST...Last member of the evening shift here, just arrived for my shift.  It took me 40 minutes to get out of my driveway.  An NWS employee on the northwest side of Muncie just reported 8.5 inches of snow.

4:48 PM EST...It is still sleeting at the NWS Indy Office. The latest snow measurement at the office was 5.8 for the storm as of 4:35 PM. A spotter in Winchester reports 13 inches of snow now, with drifts "as high as the headlights on my truck."

3:25 PM EST...Sleet continues at the NWS Indy Office. In the past hour, a spotter in Vincennes reported that precipitation had changed ovr to freezing rain, and some glaze was forming on handrails and walkways. In Indianapolis, a spotter reported 9 inches of snow on the ground which included 5.5 inches that had fallen in the past 9 hours. The spotter also reported a wind gust to 40 mph. Winds are incresing across central Illinois, as the surface low over western Kentucky has deepened. More snow and increasing winds are expected across the area this evening.

2:33 PM EST...Visibilities remain a half mile or less at Lafayette, Muncie, and Kokomo. Wind chills have gone below zero at Muncie, where the actual air temperature was 18. Winds continue to gust to near 40 mph. Sleet continues here at the office,  with a temperature of 21.

1:33 PM EST...Report of 11 inches of snow received from Muncie. Meanwhile, 6 foot drifts were reported in Clinton county.

1:05 PM EST...Heavy snow continues across the northern sections of central Indiana. Reports of snow drifts a few feet high have been received from a few counties, including Tippecanoe and Clinton. Meanwhile, sleet continues at the office with a temperature hovering around 24 degrees. Ice is bringing down tree limbs in Owen and Morgan counties.

11:45 AM EST...Temperature at Terre Haute fell 4 degrees from 1000-1100 AM EST. Winds continue to gust to around 40 mph at Lafayette.

10:47 AM EST...Sleet continues at the office. Temperature down to 22. Up north in the Blizzard Warning areas, winds are gusting over 40 mph in places. Lafayette had a peak wind of 43 MPH at 1005 AM.

9:21AM EST...Freezing rain has changed to sleet here at the office. Temperature down to 24.

8:30 AM EST...Colder air is moving through central Indiana from the northeast. Muncie fell from 25 degrees at 500 am to 19 degrees at 800 am. During that same time period, Lafayette fell from 25 to 20 and Indianapolis fell from 30 to 27.

7:45 AM EST...At the office we had 4.8" storm total through 7:00 AM EST.  A mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow is falling at 745 am. Brownsburg reports 5 inches as of 7:45 am.

6:35 AM EST...Freezing rain mixing in with the snow here at the office. Temperature is at 29 degrees at the airport.

6:05 AM EST...4.5-5.5" inches of snow were reported in Hendricks county. Freezing rain and sleet were mixing in with the snow in northern Morgan county. Morning commute to the office took twice as long as normal.

4:10 AM EST...1.1" new snow in the past hour at the office for an unoffical total of 3.7" so far. Snowing at a pretty good clip again. Spotter from Pittsboro said the precipitation had changed back to all snow. Temperature down to 28.9 degrees at the office. Hmmm...when will (or if) the changeover occur?

3:40 AM EST...Spotter in Pittsboro in northern Hendricks county says sleet is mixing in the with snow. Here at the office...snow is coming down heavier.

3:05 AM EST...0.5" new snow at the office over the past hour. Still all snow here...but the flakes are wet. Temperature at the office has come up 0.3 degrees in the past hour...now standing at 29.3. Appears at this point...the warm advection aloft is winning the battle against any cold advection at the surface. Winds are starting to pick up with wind gusts around 20 knots starting to blow the snow around a little.

2:40 AM EST...Spotter in Paragon in southwest Morgan County says that the precipitation has changed over to light freezing rain with a temperature of 30 degrees. Here at the NWS office...snow has lightened up quite a bit...but still no sleet or freezing rain.

2:05 AM EST...1.0" new snow in the past hour at the NWS office. Snowing pretty hard here now...with larger flakes. No sign of sleet yet. Sheriff’s report out of Greensburg says about 3 inches of snow so far and snowing heavily...with big wet flakes.

1:15 AM EST...WTHI in Terre Haute reports large snowflakes mixing with small amounts of sleet.  1.8 inches has fallen since precipitation began.  Also, a spotter near Paragon in southern Morgan county reports 2.5 to 3 inches of new snow, with sleet beginning to mix in.

1:00 AM EST...1.1" of snowfall measured at NWS Indianapolis since snowfall began.  Snow depth at this time is 4 inches.  Steady light snowfall continues.

12:25 AM EST...A CoCoRaHS observer 3 miles south of Indianapolis reports 0.5" of new snow as of this time.

12:00 AM EST...0.4" of snowfall measured at NWS Indianapolis as of midnight local time.  Combined with the remaining snow left on the ground from last week’s snowfall, snow depth on the ground at this time is 3 inches.

Monday, February 12, 2007

11:30 PM EST...WTHI in Terre Haute reports 0.15" of sleet has fallen since changeover at 10:20 PM EST, in addition to the 0.3" of snow that fell earlier.  A snow/sleet mix is falling now.

11:00 PM EST...A spotter in Columbus reports a sleet/snow mix beginning around 10:10 PM EST.  This changed to wet snow by 10:40 PM.  Spotter reports roads are slick and hazardous.

10:40 PM EST...A spotter in Bedford reports a mixture of freezing rain and sleet began at 10:00 PM EST.

10:25 PM EST...WTHI in Terre Haute reports 0.3" of snowfall from 8:55 PM EST to about 10:20 PM EST.  Precipitation has changed to sleet in downtown Terre Haute as of this time.

9:50 PM EST...Snow began falling at the Indianapolis International Airport.

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