NWS Indy Winter Storm Weblog, February 24, 2007

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Saturday, February 24 2007

926 PM - With temperatures now above freezing across the Indianapolis area, advisories have been cancelled as just plain rain is expected in the metro area from here on out. Power outages are being reported in the Carmel area and in Kokomo. A spotter just called with a 57 mph wind gust from Parke County.

7:41 PM - Law Enforcement in north Central Indiana has reported tree limbs and power lines down due to ice in both Clinton and Carroll counties. Winds are starting to gust as high as 40 mph in some spots, which could be trouble for areas that still have ice on the trees and lines. Warm air really surging north as Lafayette has climbed above freezing and its up to 33.0 here in the back yard.

7:30 PM - Up to 32.7 degrees here in the back yard. Plain old rain is falling now. Warm air is definitely winning the battle as Bloomington is up to 36. A little bit of freezing precipitation is lingering on the northeast side of Indianapolis, but this should end shortly.

6:57 PM - NWS Indy Backyard temperature hits 32.0F. We are definately on the way back up! A spotter in Paragon reports 33F.

6:40 PM - Precip is now mostly freezing rain. We measured 0.6 inches of snow with the burst of heavy snow that went through here. Temperature is steadily rising and up to 31.4 here at the office. Numerous reports of accidents across the area.

6:20 PM - A TV station in Lafayette reports that 0.1 inches of ice has accumulated. The temperature here at WFO Indianapolis continues to rise...now 31.2F.

6:15 PM - Snow has changed back to freezing rain as the heavy precip has exited to the northeast. Temp now up to 31.0. Upstream conditions at Terre Haute indicate that the warm front is quickly lifting north...so icing should be ending in most locations in the next couple of hours. Winds will also start to increase, already gusting to 30 mph to the south.

6:00 PM - Heavy snow is continuing here at the office. Temperature is down to 30.4 degrees and we’re seeing an accumulation of a tenth or two of an inch of snow so far on top of the ice. Scattered reports of visbility below a mile with this heavy band.

5:40 PM - Now heavy snow is falling at the office. Reports of power outages in the Bloomington area due to ice.

5:33 PM - Leading edge of the heavier precipitation has reached the office and precipitation is now changed to mostly sleet. Temp still 30.7, but wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop off a little bit as this heavier precip tries to saturate the air.

5:21 PM - NWS Employee in Brooklyn, IN (Morgan County) reports that precip has changed back to snow. Radar is showing a significant area of heavy precipitation and bright banding. It appears that we might see snow become the dominant form of precip for a while under this heavy band. Temperature at the office is still 30.7 degrees and trees, light poles, signs, etc. are definitely accumulating ice. Looks like we’re going to get a little bit of everything!

4:56 PM - A NWS employee visiting Tipton reports that is "sleeting heavily" there.  On another note, the Terre Haute observation reports lightning distant SW, and lighting dectection does detect some strikes in that area. Thirdly, the temperature in the backyard here at the NWS office has fallen to 30.7F.

4:40 PM - Spotter in Howard county reports light rain and a temperature of 27 degrees. Thus, he has freezing rain there.

4:32 PM - Word from the parking lot is that rain is not yet icing on vehicles...but a glaze is starting to form on concrete surfaces. A spotter in Paragon also is reporting freezing rain. backyard temperatures is now 30.9F.

4:25 PM - Temperature at the office has fallen to 31.0 in the backyard. Moderate to occasionally heavy freezing rain is now falling. Not seeing any sleet mixing in for now. A flood of reports indicate that many surfaces are beginning to already glaze over. With a dewpoint temperature still in the 20s...we will likely see the air temperature fall a few more degrees as the evaporational cooling continues.

4:03 PM - A storm spotter along the Carroll/Clinton County line along Hwy 32 reports freezing rain. Rain is still falling her at NWS Indy. The backyard temperature is now 31.8F. Rain is beading on our vehicles and running off at this time.

3:50 PM - Rain is falling here at the NWS office. Thermometer in the back yard says the temperature is 32.2F. So far no freezing to surfaces...but we will keep watching. Evaporational cooling could result in some falling temperatures over the next couple of hours.

3:20 PM - A spotter in Parke County reports some sleet is falling.

3:10 PM - Rain is moving into southwest Indiana. A spotter in Linton reports Freezing rain and thunder. Freezing rain is not expected to persist there ver y long as temperatures in the area are in the middle 30s. On my drive into work today, noticed Marion county has lots of green salt on the roadways.

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