New Climate Products Coming June 1

NWS Indianapolis Announces New Climate Products
The National Weather Service in Indianapolis will begin issuing several new Climate Products over the weekend of June 1, 2008. The new products will include daily and monthly climate reports for six additional locations across central Indiana. The climate products for Indianapolis International Airport will continue to be issued as well. These products will be issued on a permanent basis.
 Daily climate reports will be issued twice daily for the new locations at approximately 1:30 AM EDT for the final totals for the preceding day, and at 4:30 PM EDT for the summary of the day so far. Monthly climate reports will be issued at approximately 8:30 AM EDT on the first day of the new month as a summary of the conditions observed in the previous month. These times will coincide with the issuances of the climate reports for Indianapolis International Airport. Please note: these times are EDT. During the EST portion of the year (November-March), the final daily summary climate report will be issued at approximately 12:30 AM EST.
The following sites will have new climate products:
Lafayette, Purdue University Airport (KLAF)
Muncie, Delaware County-Johnson Field (KMIE)
Terre Haute International Airport – Hulman Field (KHUF)
 Indianapolis – Eagle Creek Airpark (KEYE)
 Bloomington, Monroe County Airport (KBMG)
 Shelbyville Municipal Airport (KGEZ).
Formats for the daily climate reports will be identical to the currently issued reports for Indianapolis International Airport, but the new reports will not contain information on minutes of sunshine, or on daily snowfall or snow depth, since there is no equipment to document these parameters at the new locations.  All other data at the above sites will be obtained from the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) equipment at the locations. This data will undergo manual Quality Control by NWS staff prior to being issued.
The new climate reports can be obtained in several ways. They will be available after the above listed times on the National Weather Service, Indianapolis website at
From that webpage after June 1, you will be able to obtain the daily climate reports for the six new sites plus Indianapolis International Airport under the CLI header, Monthly Summaries under the CF6 header, and Monthly Climate Reports under CLM header.
Customers who receive weather information from the National Weather Service through wire services should add the following communications identifiers to their appropriate databases.
Message Type WMO Heading AWIPS ID
Daily Climate Report - Lafayette CDUS43 KIND CLILAF
Daily Climate Report - Muncie CDUS43 KIND CLIMIE
Daily Climate Report - Terre Haute CDUS43 KIND CLIHUF
Daily Climate Report - Bloomington CDUS43 KIND CLIBMG
Daily Climate Report - Shelbyville CDUS43 KIND CLIGEZ
Daily Climate Report - Eagle Creek CDUS43 KIND CLIEYE
Monthly Climate Report - Lafayette CXUS53 KIND CLMLAF
Monthly Climate Report - Muncie CXUS53 KIND CLMMIE
Monthly Climate Report - Terre Haute CXUS53 KIND CLMHUF
Monthly Climate Report - Bloomington CXUS53 KIND CLMBMG
Monthly Climate Report - Shelbyville CXUS53 KIND CLMGEZ
Monthly Climate Report - Eagle Creek CXUS53 KIND CLMEYE
The National Weather Service Office in Indianapolis hopes that these climate products will be of great use to our interested customers across Central Indiana, and we are happy to be able to provide more detailed information to the residents of the area.
For further questions or comments regarding the upcoming change to climate reports, please contact:
(317) 856-0360

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