November 2006: A month of Extremes

November 2006:
A Month of Extremes
November of 2006 will be remembered in Central Indiana as a month of transition. While this is certainly true of most Novembers, this year featured near record cold at the start of the month, with some record setting warmth to close out November. The wetter than normal trend of the past two months continued while the colder than normal trend of the earlier fall months came to an end.
The following is a more detailed summary of conditions experienced in Indianapolis during the month of November 2006.
November 2006 recorded an average monthly temperature of 45.5 degrees, a value that was 2.6 degrees above the normal of 42.9 degrees. This made November 2006 warmer than November 2005 by exactly 1 degree. It also continues a trend towards warm Novembers this decade, with 5 of the 7 observed Novembers since 1999 being warmer than normal.
November 2006 ties for the 24th warmest November ever.
Much colder than normal weather helped to start the month out, as the cold October lingered for a few days into the new month. The first four days of the month brought highs of 50 degrees or lower, with lows in the 20s each of those nights. However this cold weather was quickly forgotten as temperatures soared into the 60s and even the low 70s by the 10th of the month. Cooler than normal temperatures returned for mid-month and then much above normal temperatures developed by Thanksgiving, and persisted for the last week of the month. An amazing 7 consecutive days registered high temperatures of 60 degrees or higher at Indianapolis from the 24th through the 30th. By the last few days of the month, low temperatures were remaining well into the 40s, and peaking with an extremely mild night on the 29th with a low of 57 degrees. This broke the record for warmest minimum temperature on the date. The normal high temperature for the date is only 45 degrees, so a low of 57 degrees on the date is very significant.
Had it not been for the late addition of 1.55 inches of rainfall on the very last day of the month, November 2006 would have been below normal for precipitation. This late month rainfall boosted the monthly total to 4.25 inches. This is 0.64 inches above the normal monthly total of 3.61 inches for November.
Just like with Temperatures, November 2006 featured a month of extremes in precipitation. After a damp, but well distributed start to the month, the rainfall abruptly shut off on the 19th and conditions remained dry until the last two days of the month. From the 20th through 28th of the month, not a drop of rain was measured in Indianapolis. This quickly changed with the arrival of a strong storm system by the late month, which dropped a total of 1.58 inches of rain for the last two days of the month.
November 2006 was an unremarkable month in terms of snowfall. Only a trace was reported for the month, coming on the 19th. This compares to the normal of 1.3 inches for the month of November. This made November 2006 the first November since 2001 to not receive measurable snowfall in Indianapolis.
The current outlook for December shows an enhanced likelihood of above normal temperatures. The precipitation outlook indicates an equal chance of near normal, above normal, or below normal values of precipitation.

Data Prepared by Logan Johnson, Climate Services Focal Point
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Temperature and Precipitation Records Cover the Period 1871-2006 in the Indianapolis Area.
Snowfall Records Cover the period 1884-2006 in the Indianapolis Area.
Normals refer to reference period 1971-2000.

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