El Niño Update

El Niño Update

On December 7, 2006, scientists from the Climate Prediction Center issued an update on the current status of El Niño. Currently the ocean water temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean have continued to warm. The current status of the El Niño is within the moderate category. It is expected the current El Niño will continue to intensify over the next few months. However, conditions will remain weaker than the very strong 1997-1998 event. As this occurs, weather conditions over the continental U.S. are expected to resemble typical winter time El Niño conditions. This will typically mean wetter and stormier conditions over the southern states, with drier than normal conditions in portions of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys

The full text of this news release on El Niño can be viewed at this link: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2006/s2753.htm



What are the Typical Impacts of El Niño in Central Indiana?

In the past, moderate El Niño conditions have produced drier and warmer than normal winters in central Indiana, with below average amounts of snow.

Information on past El Niño events and the winter time conditions in Indianapolis is now available available on our website. Statistics available include how temperature, precipitation, and snowfall vary during weak, moderate, and strong El Niño years. The file, in pdf format, can be found on our Science and Education page.



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