April's "Mini Heat Wave"

April’s Mini “Heat Wave”
Sunday afternoon's high temperature reached 84 degrees at the Indianapolis International Airport. This made it the third consecutive day to reach at least 84 degrees for a high temperature.
This is a rather unusual occurrence for April, and warm spells of this length (or longer) have only happened 7 times since records started in 1871 in the Indianapolis Area.
The last time such a streak happened was back on April 24-27, 1990, with four consecutive days experiencing highs of 84 degrees or warmer.
Date of Occurrence
Number of Consecutive Days
April 24-27, 1990
April 22-25, 1960
April 10-13, 1930
April 24-26, 1915
April 28-30, 1899
April 16-18, 1896
April 24-26, 2009
The normal high temperature for this date in April is 67 degrees, with a normal low of 45.
On Saturday, April 25, the high was 85 and the low was 69. This would have been near normal for a summer day in mid-July.

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