Damage in Eminence Reclassified as Tornado

A National Weather Service representative reinvestigated damage that occurred during the severe thunderstorms in Morgan County on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. 

A representative from the National Weather Service reclassified the damage to be from a weak tornado.  The damage began on the west side of Back Street where corn stalks were pressed down and pointing towards the east-northeast.  The damage continued eastward across the street where a tied-down, single-wide mobile home was flipped over and destroyed.  More damage was found across State Road 42 where much of a large tree was downed and another mobile home was damaged and unliveable.  The track continued east where a home on N. Forest St. was destroyed as its roof was totally lifted and spread downstream about 100 yards.  A garage located just behind this house had its roof collapsed and debris located just behind it.

Winds were estimated near 105 mph placing the damage as EF1 on the Enhance Fujita Scale.

(For more information on the storms of August 4, please visit the August 4 Severe Weather page)


 Map of project path of tornado in Eminence using Google Earth:

damage path of EF1 tornado in Eminence.

Home located on N. Forest St.  Roof removed and tossed downstream approximately 100 yds.


Daniel McCarthy

Meteorologist in Charge

National Weather Service

Indianapolis, IN

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