July 22 - Another Johnson County Tornado

For the second time in three days, a weak tornado touched down in Johnson County. Today's tornado touched down around 2:25 PM EDT in the vicinity of Tracy Road just east of State Road 135 or on the southwest side of Greenwood.   Some roofing of sheds was damaged, tree limbs were downed and small areas of crops were flattened by this brief tornado.  Meteorologist in Charge Dan McCarthy inspected the area where the damage occurred and based on his findings rated this an EF0.   This tornado was also referred to as a landspout, being formed as the result of thunderstorm wind outflow boundaries interacting with the thunderstorm.  Landspouts often exhibit little or no rotation on the radar, as was the case today.  Landspouts tend to be brief and weak and this was evident in the damage path today.

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