Long Indianapolis Area Dry Spells

There are many ways to define a dry spell.  The one we are using in our Drought web story is the amount of rainfall or melted precipitation over a span of days.  The last significant rainfall of 0.80 inches occurred at the Indianapolis airport on July 28.  For the 76 day period from July 29 through October 12, the airport measured only 1.21 inches of rainfall.

Using the 76 day period as a search criteria for our weather records, there are two periods where less rainfall occurred in the same time span or longer and two where the rainfall was very similar.

The epic dry spell using the above definition occurred from August 20, 1963-November 17, 1963 when only 0.95 inches of rainfall occurred in this 90 day period.

In second place is the June 9, 1936-August 24, 1936 span when only 1.11 inches of rainfall occurred in this 77 day period.  During this time, the temperature exceeded 99 degrees on 12 days with 9 consectutive days of 100 degrees or higher from July 7-15.

In third place is the 2010 dry spell extending 76 days from July 29-October 12.  During this period the airport received only 1.21 inches.

Tied for 4th and 5th places are the November 16, 1943-January 30, 1944 and July 27, 1897-October 10, 1897 periods.  During these 76 day periods, the Indianapolis area measured only 1.24 inches of rainfall.

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