Significant rain falls in portions of central and southern Indiana on October 13

Rainfall of 1 to 1½ inches occurred in portions of central and southern Indiana on October 13.  This rainfall was not widespread.  About 1/3 of central and southern Indiana received less than one tenth of an inch of rainfall on October 13.  Below is rainfall graphic for October 11-13.

The combination of recent rain and the cooler weather through Saturday will slightly ease drought conditions.  Warmer temperatures are forecast for the weekend. The next chance for rain is on Tuesday. 

The effects of the rainfall from October 13 on Indiana drought conditions will be reflected in The U.S. Drought Monitor released on October 21.  This is our latest drought story. 

The airport received 0.42 inches of rain on October 13.  The current total of rainfall from July 29 to date is now 1.63 inches.  This is the driest period since the Great Drought of 1988.   For the 76 day period from July 29 through October 12, the airport measured only 1.21 inches of rainfall.  The dry spell was the longest in 47 years.  In the 11 week period, from August 20 through November 4, 1963, the airport received only 0.57 inches of rainfall during an epic dry spell.

Total precipitation for 2010 at Indianapolis through October 13 is 26.91 inches or 6.04 inches below normal.  This is the 22th driest year on record at Indianapolis for the January 1 through October 13 periods.  Below is a comparison of precipitation at Indianapolis between this year and last year.  The top graphic is the year to date precipitation in 2010 and those for 2009 in the bottom graphic.  Precipitation went above normal during the spring of 2009, remaining anywhere from five to ten inches above normal for the rest of the year. Total precipitation through October 13 last year was 41.28 inches or more than 14 inches (14.37 inches) for the same period in 2010.  The last time the Indianapolis International Airport received more than 0.50 inches of rainfall was on July 28 when 0.80 inches fell.  The last time rainfall exceeded an inch was on June 22 when 1.64 inches fell.

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