Jan 20 Winter Storm Blog

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January 20, 2011 Blog

6:45 PM...Storm total is up to 3.6 and snowfall has ended at NWS Indianapolis.

5:00 PM…Storm total now 3.5 inches at NWS Indianapolis.  The back edge of the snowfall is progressing quickly through central Indiana, and snow will end in the Indianapolis metro area over the next 2 hours or so.

3:00 PM…Storm Total now 3.1 inches at NWS Indianapolis.

2:00 PM...Measured 2.9 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

1:00 PM...Snowfall continues across central Indiana. Snow bands producing moderate snowfall are occurring across some southern counties (generally from Knox through Jackson), as well as from Indianapolis east in the central portion of the area. Snowfall should be lightening up across the northwest.

1:00 PM...Measured 2.6 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

11:00 AM...Measured 2.0 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

10:00 AM...Measured 1.5 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

9:00 AM...Snowfall is increasing in intensity already across much of central Indiana as the upper level jet is getting stronger and increasing the upper level forcing. Moderate snow bands are developing across much of the south and central portions of the area…as well as one moving into the northwest that may soon impact Lafayette.

9:00 AM...Measured 1.0 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

8:30 AM...Light snow continues across much of central Indiana, with a moderate snow band across southeastern central Indiana. Southwestern and central portions may see snowfall intensity decrease for the next couple of hours but more moderate to heavy snow bands are expected to move into the area through the day.

8:00 AM...Light snow continues across most of central Indiana, with some bands of moderate snow across southern and central sections. While many areas may see snowfall become lighter in intensity over the next couple of hours, more moderate to even heavy bands are on the way for central and southern sections of central Indiana. Northern areas such as Muncie, Kokomo, and Lafayette may avoid the heavier bands and just continue with light snow for most of the day. 

8:00 AM...Measured 0.7 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

7:00 AM...Measured 0.2 inches of snow at NWS Indianapolis.

5:30 AM...Snow continues to increase across Central Indiana. Bicknell in Knox County has already received 1.5 inches of snow, and Monroe City in Knox County has received 1.8 inches. A persistent band of moderate snow has been falling across far southern sections of Central Indiana early this morning. 








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