Winter Storm Blog Jan 31– Feb 2, 2011

The NWS Indianapolis blog is a venue for NWS meteorologists to make informal comments on the current weather situation, and will be updated only as time and essential duties permit. To report hazardous weather information, send email to or call 1-800-499-2133. For the latest watch and warning information, see our hazardous winter weather page.


January 31, 2011

6:17 PM...First wave precipitation is moving across Central Indiana. Freezing rain is falling at the office here. Slick conditions have been reported in Terre Haute. Sleet is falling at Daleville in Delaware County. Snow has been falling at Lafayette, with reports approaching 1 inch there.

6:22 PM...Media reports just over an inch of snow near West Lafayette.

7:00 PM...Reports of snow changing to all sleet at West Lafayette and freezing rain at Muncie have been received.

7:45 PM...Received a report of sleet at Frankfort after an inch of snow. Here at the office we have received 0.23 inches of precipitation so far.

8:30 PM...The parking lot at the office is slick, our American Flag is frozen, and cars are hard to open due to ice. So far at the Airport, 0.38 inches of precipitation has fallen.

8:37 PM...Spotter at Terre Haute reports 0.10 inch of ice so far. Also received a report from Greenfield of nearly 0.25 inch of ice so far.

9:00 PM...New Castle reports 0.10 inch of ice on trees and 0.25 inch of sleet on the ground.

9:20 PM...McCordsville reports 0.10 inch of ice with a mix of freezing rain and sleet falling. Carmel reports 0.75 inch of sleet with hazardous driving conditions.

9:30 PM...Williamsport (Warren County) reported 1.2 inches of snow, with precipitation now falling as sleet.

9:40 PM...Reports of light glazing starting to occur near Columbus.

9:45 PM...Reports of 1.5 inch of snow with sleet/snow falling currently, and 0.10 inch ice accumulation near Odon (Daviess County)

10:00 PM...An observer in far northern Randolph county states that the precipitation is all snow.

11:20 PM...Freezing rain continues at the office. People have been making it into the office, so roads are still passible in parts of Indy if travelers take their time.

11:29 PM...Received a report of 0.10 inch of ice at Bloomington.

11:45 PM...Received reports of 0.25 inch of ice at New Castle and 0.15 inch of ice at Daleville (Delaware County). Daleville also reports 1 inch of sleet.

February 1, 2011

12:00 AM...Ice accretion at the office is between 3 and 4 tenths of an inch.  Total liquid/melted precipitation for yesterday was 0.62 inches at the airport. 

1:54 AM...Freezing rain has transitioned to freezing drizzle at the office. 

2:25 AM...A report of a tree and a report of a tree limb down have been received from Hendricks County Emergency Management.  There also are a couple reports of utility line(s) down in Amo and Coatsville...also in Hendricks County.  These are the first reports we have on file of damage from this storm system.

4:15 AM...Incoming employee reported hearing a tree/tree limb snapping near the office.

6:01 AM...Hancock County Emergency Management reported 1/8 - 1/4 inch of ice across most of the county.  All roads were covered with ice and hazardous. 

7:00 AM...Our office reported 0.4 inches of total ice.  Light freezing drizzle continues.

10:00 AM...Below are some pictures of the accumulated ice here at the office so far.  Click on the image to see a larger version.


1230 PM...Precipitation should become more widespread across central Indiana during the next 2 hours. The leading edge is now at the Wabash River and it is now covering most of southern Illinois. Wwinds will also be increasing to 10 to 20 mph out of the east-northeast.

145 PM...Upgrading much of the area to an ice storm warning. Several areas reporting problems with trees coming down with the ice. The winds will be increasing over the next couple of hours which may cause additional problems with trees and power lines.

200 PM...Updated weather story now available

230 PM...Heavy sleet being reported on the north side of Terre Haute. Large area of high reflectivity over western Kentucky will have to be watched. If this stays together...may reach the area around 6 PM.

315 PM...Numerous reports of moderate to heavy rain in southern Illinois and western Kentucky. This should move over central Indiana during the late afternoon into early evening hours. The southern counties will remain near freezing...while the central and northern sections will remain below freezing during that time. A rumble of thunder is not out of the question.

330 PM...Moderate to heavy freezing rain being reported in Bloomington.

335 PM...Steady freezing rain reported in Greenwood. 

425 PM...Reports of 3/4 inch of ice accumulation in Clinton County

440 PM...Surface low near the Bootheel of Missouri. Wind gusts near the surface low have increased during the past couple of hours. Some gusts into the 30-40 mph range. Later tonight as the surface low moves into central Indiana this could cause problems.

520 PM...More and more reports of sleet changing over to freezing rain over the central sections of the area. We expect this trend to continue. Moderate to heavy freezing rain expected. The warm air has moved into the southern sections with temperatures at or above freezing from Lawrenceville Illinois to Seymour Indiana.

729 PM...Spotters in Terre Haute reports winds picking up and numerous transformers blowing out.

740 PM...Spotter in Castleton reports that sleet was falling for much of the day, but now precipitation has changed over to Freezing Rain.

755 PM...Spotter in Clinton County reports 4 inches of sleet on the ground and very low visibility.

815 PM...NWS Employee reports 3 inches of Sleet on the ground 4 miles west of Acton.

915PM...TV meteorologist in West Lafayette reports 5 inches of sleet/snow. Wind gusts now increasing to the 40-50 mph range. 

1030PM...Spotter north of Bloomingdale in Parke County, reports a depth of 1.3 inches of snow/sleet mix.

1052PM...Spotter at a radio station in Muncie reports 2 inches of sleet since early this afternoon with freezing rain occuring at this time. Roads are ice covered. 

February 2, 2011

12:45 AM...Temperature has risen to 36 degrees.

1:03 AM...Precipitation has ended at the Indianapolis International Airport.  Precipitation is wrapping around the low so we will see more move in from Illinois later.

1:43 AM...Temperature has fallen to 32 degrees.  Reports we received of ice melting off of trees and structures will now refreeze.  Rain that fell and didn't freeze while above freezing will also freeze now.  Wind gusts are staying around 40 MPH.

2:27 AM...Winds gusted to 51 MPH on the airfield. 



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