Noblesville Wind Damage

Based on a National Weather Service damage survey, it appeared the wind damage in Noblesville during the evening of Wednesday March 23 was caused by downbursting straight line winds.  The majority of the damage was uprooted pine trees and downed Bradford Pear trees and limbs, both of which tend to be damaged by winds of 60 to 80 mph. The trees were laid down in an outward fanning or diverging pattern often found with a downburst wind event.  Most trees west of State Road 37 were blown down by a strong south wind.  Trees and fences east of State Road 37 were blown down by strong west-southwest winds.   This damage occurred at the lead edge of the storm, not the usual location at the rear of the storm where a tornado typically would form.  Other damage included stripped shingles and siding from around a dozen homes. 

carport damage Branch in house
Carport blown over house top into trees and power lines Large branch blown into the side of a house  



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