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Let’s ask a question: are we providing the weather and climate information our partners and stakeholders REALLY need?”  Here are some questions to think about:

1) Do you really know what is on our web page?

2) Do you know how to get to information you really need on our web page?

3) Do you know how to comment about something on our web page?

If you have answered “NO” to any of these three questions, we at the NWS Indianapolis have not done our job.  The National Weather Service web page and the NWS Indianapolis web page as so much information, it could really be overwhelming sometimes.  But, we will begin to show you how to get information you may need quickly with some easy clicks of the mouse.  If you think of information that you readily need, please write and we will send you where you can find that information.

First, the URL for the National Weather Service web page is http://weather.gov.  It has a brand new look to it, one that was tested by other stakeholders like yourselves and one that welcomed comments and suggestions.  Just by looking at the initial web site, it looks streamlined and full of information.  Just take a minute to look over the initial page.  The first thing to notice is the large map that provides all the current watches, warnings and advisories across the country.  Next to the map in the upper left corner is a green box in the upper left corner where you can enter your zip code and receive your local forecast created by your local NWS office.  What pops up right away is your exact location, current temperature and latest short term forecast.

First link to use:  on the left hand side of the web page in the blue area, go to:

Briefing Page

It is located towards the bottom.  Or go to http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ind/?n=indyoverview

On that page there is some great information that may be used quite quickly.  Right at the top is a county display of the forecast area showing what warnings, watches or advisories and statements are in effect.  Right underneath it is a large radar display from the radar here at the NWS Office near the Indianapolis International Airport.  So, right away you see warnings and radar that may be in effect for your area and county.  Hint: know the counties to your west.  What is going on there may give you advance warning for your county ;)

Just underneath the radar display is a really neat display of the Indianapolis Forecast.

This display gives you an hour-by-hour outlook of what to expect and when to expect it.  There are two other locations for this display; it can be found at by clicking on your location on the top map, or the map on our front page, then going to the Hourly Weather Graph on a little ways down on the right hand side, underneath radar and satellite.

And with the spring and summer experienced so far in central Indiana, climate information has been very popular.  To see the latest climate data, go back to the front page by clicking on “Indianapolis, IN” right at the top of the page.  Then, just above the map, there are tabs with one labeled “Climate.”  Available there are the following:

Daily Climate Report

Preliminary Monthly Climate Report

Record Event Report

Monthly Weather Summary

Regional Summary

and the State Summary

Then click the location for the information, then the date (and it goes back two months), then click “GO.”   The Daily Climate Report tracks all kinds of information including rainfall, degree days, maximum temperature for the day, sunrise and sunset, etc.

This is plenty to get our stakeholders started with information you may need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Please watch the Headlines right at the top of the page.  Special stories, especially about the 2012 Drought appears right there.

Dan McCarthy

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