Be a Part of Vital Weather Research Using Your Mobile Device

Weather researchers need YOUR help!

The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) is running a project called mPING, or the Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground Project.  NSSL wants volunteers across the nation to send them observations of precipitation and other meteorological phenomena occurring at their location.  Teachers may find the project provides a great opportunity to teach students about weather.

Observations can be sent via mobile device applications available for both Apple and Android devices.  The applications use your device's GPS to find your coordinates and associate them with your observation.

These observations will be compared to data from weather radars across the country, in order to improve our understanding of precipitation detection via radar, and to develop new technologies and techniques to determine what type of precipitation is falling with a given radar return.  Additionally, mPING is now collecting reports of severe weather and other phenomena.

These reports can also be extremely helpful to National Weather Service meteorologists during rapidly evolving weather events.

You can send as few or as many observations as you like, from any location, and all data collected is done so anonymously, with no identifying data other than your GPS coordinates included.

Visit the mPING website to learn more about the project.  We hope many people will be excited about becoming a citizen scientist!

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