One Year Ago - Extensive Drought Conditions Began to Improve

In August 2012, Indiana and much of the Midwest and Plains states were still under drought conditions after the very hot and dry weather that had impacted the region from late May through July. Wetter than normal conditions finally returned to the Hoosier state in August and by the middle of the month, temperatures had cooled as well.  In fact at Indianapolis, the temperature made it to the 90 degree mark only 2 more times in 2012 after August 16. Total rainfall in August and September 2012 approached 15 inches in many locations across central Indiana, nearly rivaling amounts received from January through July and greatly improving the drought conditions with the onset of fall.

With temperatures this summer being much cooler than the 2012 summer and higher amounts of precipitation through the spring and summer versus last year, the worst of the drought conditions have shifted much further west across the country. The graphics below show just how extensive drought conditions were across the United States and closer to home here in Indiana at this time last year, and how much  conditions are improved across the Great Lakes, Ohio and mid Mississippi Valleys currently.


Upper Image -  Drought Monitor from August 14, 2012. Lower Image - Current Drought Monitor from August 13.


Upper Image - Drought Monitor for Indiana  from August 14, 2012. Lower Image - Current Drought Monitor for Indiana from August 13.


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