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The 2014 Post Storm Survey

The objective of this Post Storm Survey (PSS) is to gain insight into decision-making related to hazardous winter weather.  This information will be vital for the weather forecasting community in learning to better communicate the threat of hazardous weather. This research is one of the critical tools in bridging the gap between the weather community and users. 
This survey and its results do not constitute an endorsement by the NWS of any information, products or services within this project.

We Want Your Feedback About the
Recent Cold Episode
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How it works:

Following an exceptionally cold period that requires a Wind Chill Advisory or Wind Chill Warning to be issued by your local National Weather Service office, this short online survey will be available at the link above for anyone to complete.
For more details please view this slideshow.

More Information 
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The Post Storm Survey's History
The Post Storm Survey was created in 2007 by Matt Taraldsen, a meteorology student at 
St. Cloud State University, under the guidance of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences professor Dr. Anthony Hansen, Communication Studies Professor Suzanne Stangl-Erkens and meteorologists from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Duluth, Minnesota. This survey and its results do not constitute an endorsement by the NWS of any information, products or services within this project.
Over the past 6 years the Post Storm Survey has spread to over a dozen states, been active following two dozen winter storms, a few blizzards and several cold outbreaks. The Post Storm Survey has collected over 9000 responses. Find more information and links to the preliminary results below.
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Tools For Survey Partners  
Template for News of the Day Story  
Post Storm Survey Development  
Post Storm Survey Responses & Results 2008-2010  
Peak Performance Newsletter Article, An Innovative Partnership to Help Improve Dissemination And Customer Use of Critical Weather Information (page 10)  

Although the survey is produced and is maintained by St. Cloud State University, the responses and findings will greatly enhance the National Weather Service's ability to convey future winter weather threats. For additional information on how the NWS is involved with this project and how the data will be used to improve NWS products and services, please contact Amanda.

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