Will We Hit the 90° Mark This Week?

Outside of a few places, most locations have yet to hit the 90° mark this year. South Bend did hit 91° on May 8th, 2014 but that was the only 90° day this year. We decided to take a look at some records regarding the first 90° day for the calendar year. On average, most locations first hit 90° between June 7th and June 17th. Maybe somewhat surprisingly, the latest dates on record for first 90° day in a year is late August into September! So this year is not really out of the normal so far.


We also looked at number of days since our last 90 degree day across the area. Period of records: since 2002 for Benton Harbor, since 1998 for Defiance and Lima, since 1912 for Fort Wayne and since 1893 for South Bend.


The streak without a 90° day so far this year may be broken by Tuesday! Here's a look at forecast high temperatures for select locations across the area (valid Sunday 6/15/2014 8am). For a specific forecast for your location, visit www.weather.gov/iwx

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Benton Harbor 77 86  82 81 77
Defiance  88  92 89 85 84
Fort Wayne 87  92 88 86  83
Lima 85  91  88  86  84
South Bend 85 91 87  85  81



Published 6/15/2014

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