Michigan Winter Hazards Awareness Week - Day 4


Winter Hazards Awareness Week
Wednesday, November 5th

  Day 4 - Winter Survival Kits

Michigan Winter Hazards Awareness Week Continues

Michigan is in the middle of its Winter Hazards Awareness Week as declared by Governor Rick Snyder. The Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Aawareness reminds Michigan residents to prepare in advance for the changes that winter weather will bring to our daily lives. Do not be caught off guard by the first heavy snowfall or an outbreak of bitterly cold arctic air.

While driving through heavy snowfall can be dangerous, trying to shovel it can sometimes have fatal consequences.   It is easy to overexert your body when shoveling snow, since the combination of cold air and hard physical labor puts added stress on the heart.  Pace yourself carefully if you must shovel.  Pushing a car or walking through deep snow can also cause overexertion.

Build an emergency supply kit, including a way to receive the latest weather warnings.  Do not forget extra batteries for flashlights and portable radios. Your information sources should include a NOAA All- Hazards Weather Radio for reception of warning and advisory information, in addition to continuous broadcast of current conditions and forecasts.

Winter Emergency Kit

For additional information on a winter weather survival kit, please see the Michigan Weather Preparedness Page.



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