2015 Fire Weather Season Starts...CAUTION ADVISED!!

For those planning burning in the coming weeks

Several field and grass fires have been reported already in the forecast area.

  • PLEASE make sure to check on local burning conditions and regulations and monitor local weather conditions.
  • Burning should not be done with winds greater than 10 mph as debris from the fire can carry and ignite unplanned fires.
  • Remain in attendance of the fire at ALL times. Have a shovel and source of water ready in the event of a spread in the fire.
  • If you cannot get a fire under control within a few minutes, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you are not sure, contact your local fire department.


For our Fire weather Planning Forecast Users

The 2015 Fire Weather season has begun effective March 17, 2015 across all of Northern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio and far Southern Lower Michiagn. Snow cover has melted across the area with grasses, leaves and tinder rapidly drying as a lack of rainfall and low humidity values has allowed for rapid drying. Our office will resume 2 planning forecasts a day and will be ready to support Federal, State and local officials in prescribed burns as well as unplanned fires. Local officals may contact us through official channels for assistance, including their county Emergency Manager.

Feel free to send any questions, comments or concerns related to the fire weather program to the Fire Weather Program Leader for the Northern Indiana office.



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