Smoke from northeast Minnesota wildfire into northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana

Smoke from a large wildfire across northeast Minnesota (Pagami Creek) has moved into northeast Illinois and far northwest Indiana this afternoon.  Winds aloft have been favorable to bring some of this smoke as far south as northeast Illinois and far northwest Indiana with many observation stations across southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois reporting visibilities of 2 to 5 miles this afternoon and evening.  Some of this smoke may move across the remainder of northwest Indiana, north central Indiana, and southwest lower MIchigan this evening resulting in hazy conditions.  Visible satellite imagery from late this afternoon does indicate the greatest concentration of smoke across southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois:


In addition to visible satellite imagery, infrared (IR) imagery can also be used to detect wildfires since this type of satellite imagery is sensitive to temperatures.  The following satellite image from Tuesday morning shows a particular channel of IR satellite imagery that is especially sensitive to "hot spots".  In this particular case, the northeast Minnesota wildfire is large enough to easily be detected on IR satellite imagery (circled in red):

For further information including pictures from the northeast Minnesota wildfire, check the top news story from the National Weather Service Duluth, MN.

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