A Time Lapse of River Valley Fog in East Kentucky

Valley fog is a normal occurrence in eastern Kentucky during the late spring and summer months.  The morning of July 4th was one such foggy morning with early morning visible satellite imagery pictured below showing the fog nestled in the valleys, with the Forks of the Kentucky particularly fogged in.

We captured an interesting view of the fog's behavior using our office webcam.  The cam sits on our WSR-88D Weather Radar tower and is pointed toward the southeast taking pictures every minute of the Quicksand Creek drainage, which flows into the North Fork of the Kentucky River just south of Jackson.  This time lapse begins just before sunrise at 5:45 am EDT and continues until 9:00 am EDT, shortly after the last of the fog burns off.  It's a big file so you may have to give it some time to load...

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